Linkin Park 5th album in production!

Linkin Park have been working on a new studio album for two months now, and the album will again be different. The lyrics will be more serious, political and mature. The album will create contrasting opinions but Chester Bennington is saying that's what he wants. It will again be a major shift in style.


Chester Bennington also said "The music is great and well ahead of where we were expecting to be." He also added it will contain a lot of good songs and will be different from a Thousand Suns and will feature less noises than pevious efforts.


So what can we expect? All I know is too expect the unexpected.

Anyone have any ideas on what their new sound could be like?

Update: 22nd March 2012

Chester Bennington has said that the new album will go back to a more familiar LP sound. That it won't sound experimental like A Thousand Suns did.

"With this album, we've incorporated a lot of guitar work with big choruses and the heavier electronic stuff to give it that really big wall of sound feeling without getting too metal. This will be more familiar to people than 'A Thousand Suns' was, where we were like 'Fuck it, we're just going to go bonkers."

Could this become an established LP sound? Chester Bennington believes so.

Could this also sound more familiar to the older albums yet still be on a different wavelength? If so, this could attract more of the old fans back.

The lyrics will be social and personal, therefore being based mainly on relationships. The lyrics will not include politics as some people suggested.

In my opinion, the album will come out late Summer/Autumn, but definitely this year!

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Comment by Stephen Robertson on June 24, 2011 at 12:37pm
I'd like to hear some Metal songs on the album but i'd also like to hear something new because hearing something new on A Thousand Suns was really amazing and i love it and i thought it was really good how the style of music was different and not like the old stuff but i think 1 or 2 songs that sound a bit like the old stuff or maybe Metal songs that sound new would amazing
Comment by Matt Ashworth on June 22, 2011 at 10:17pm
Personally I'd love to hear another song like Dedicated/High Voltage and a little bit more of the vocal styles from HT/Meteora but based on this I'd say this album will be more melodic (or at least more put-together than ATS was).  If this 5th album is going to once again be something god it's anyone's guess how it'll sound at this point.  One thing I would like to NOT see is an unnecessarily large number of filler tracks.
Comment by Marius Vogel on June 21, 2011 at 8:05am
i think you should try it with songs "who makes the world better". because the people all over the world are trying to make the world better. the songs should be like Hands Held High and they should include a rocky-sound too.
Comment by dustin mcduffie on June 20, 2011 at 12:32pm
i feel like all their albums have been serious. songs like hands held high and shadow of the day  are really serious too me
Comment by Ryan Voight on June 19, 2011 at 11:28pm

Less noises sounds good to me (but neither chester nor anyone esle said its going to be a major shift in style) and to have any ideas on what it will be like is impossible at this moment considering theirs not ehough info on it to think about it yet.


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