Linkin Park accepts UN Global Leadership Award

1 in 5 people on the planet do not have reliable access to electricity and that 2.5 billion people, almost half of humanity, rely on fuels like wood, charcoal and dung to heat their homes and cook with. In the event of a natural disaster, and without reliable electricity, how will we be able to keep enough life-saving-vaccines refrigerated? How will we be able to purify enough water? How would young people be able safely do their homework and continue their education after the sun goes down? And how will families be able to safely and simply travel to the bathroom at night, without access to sustainable energy? It is our goal through Music For Relief, Power The World campaign to raise the visibility of this issue and we're relying on you politicians, lawmakers and businessmen to do what you can do and help push policies forward that will help these people. We are committed to helping 1 million families gain access to sustainable energy solutions and you can help us start by going to In closing, we just wanna thank Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon for his leadership on this critical issue of energy access and accept this award with gratitude and with the hope that Linkin Park and Music For Relief can continue to improve lives through our partnership with the UN and with UN Foundation. Thank you guys very much. - Mike Shinoda

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