Why sometimes even if you love a person so much, you are still hurt. Well it's a fact that misunderstandings are part of a healthy relationship and will eventually know each other more. Each time when my boyfriend and I have arguments just like now, there is one thins i always do.

We just had an argument over some stuff but while we do the "chat-fight" and am shedding tears, Points of Authority screams in my headset, lol. When i was crying so much, Give Up has consoled me. My boyfriend has no idea that behind my hurtings and crying, my Linkin Park relieves me. And they never fail me.

Many more fights will come I know, but im not bothered, because Chester's there to give me a scream and say This is not the end..this is not the beginning...hehe

Its very weird crying over a fight but in my ears One Step Closer is screaming! :)

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