linkin park at hessentag 2011 in oberursel/germany

 ooooh my gooood it was greaaaat!!!!

after a night without any sleep we went to oberursel by car. it's circa 200 km away from cologne. the weather seemed to be nice, but every minute we arrived closer to oberursel the weather turned into a grey cloud. the open air area was a ugly smelling field in a village. we arrived at 9 am. the location sucked, but whatever, we were there for LP, so they have could played in a toilett and it still would be amazing. :D. during the boring hours of waiting it started to rain, and getin windy, but our mood stayed positive. after more than 6 hours of waiting  the entrance finally opened and the mass histeria began. from the entrace to the stage it were 500 meters. I never were good at sports but when it was my turn I just started to run like the devil would haunt me hahaha I never ran that fast in my whole life before. halfway I just couldn't breath anymore but I kept running and it was worth it. I made it in the first row and were happy as hell. after another 2 hours of waiting the first support band started their show. there were 4 support bands and I really have to say that they sucked, AGAIN! like last year in cologne. I don't know why but I hate the opening acts of LP. in my oppinion they just don't fit to the band and the audience. After 12 hours waiting by rain and wind it was time to see the best band in the world! The audience started screaming and clapping and than joe came up the stage. the crowd gone crazy and didn't stop screaming. When Chester came up everyone gone ballistic. It was such a good feeling to see him again after 7 months. When he sung the first line of faint, my whole body started shivering and shaking, theres no one in the world who has such a wonderful voice like him. its just perfect. LP played really a lot of old songs, that was really good. The show and atmosphere was gorgeos, just can't believe that its over and I have to wait a long time til I can see them again :(

it was so cute when Mike was singing, he's always smiling, the whole time. Chester has waved at me two times, because I were screaming so loud hahaha. But I'm proud, that he noticed me.

But the best part of the day were : At the end of the concert I CATCHED ROBS DRUMSTICK!!!I almost fell over dead.

oh my gooood, I still can't believe that. During the whole show he was playing with it and now its in my hands. THANK YOU SO MUCH!



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