Michael Kenji Shinoda - Emcee/Vocalist - dob: 2/11/77
Chester Bennington - Vocals - dob: 3/20/76
Phoenix Farrell (David Michael Farrell) - Bass - dob: 2/8/77
Joseph Hahn - Deejay - dob: 3/15/77
Rob Bourdon - Drums - dob: 1/20/79
Brad Delson - Guitar - dob: 12/1/77

Forming the Band:
Xero was formed in 1996 by Mike and Brad.

Xero was made up of: Mike, Brad, Joe, Rob, Phoenix and Mark.

Mark left the band before they were called "Hybrid Theory"
because things didn't work out, but he has always been a really
good friend of theirs.

Mark is now Taproot's manager.

The guys played around for fun and started getting attention
 from friends. So they set up a show at LA's Whisky and got
 signed to Zomba Music Publishing their 1st show. They were
with the bands: System of a Down and SX-10 (i believe).

They started getting serious from there but "labels weren't
really catching on" so they changed a few things and were
 looking for a new singer. About 2 yrs later or so Chester
joined the band. That's when they changed their name to
 "Hybrid Theory".

Chester had previously been in the band Grey Daze which had
done pretty well and had some offers. (more grey daze info
on chester's pg)...so he met Mike and the guys through mutual
 friends in the industry. They met through their law firm
Miniet Phelps and Phelps.

The firm told "xero" that they had a guy in Phoenix (Chester)
 who might be good for the job and sent Chester a demo.
He was asked to sing/make up something to the demo.

He really wanted the job so he went to a recording studio to do
 it professionally. Within 3 days he had finished recording it.
The guys were surprised when Chester called and said he was done
and would fly to S. California because it was his birthday.
 He supposedly left people at his party or birthday and worked
on the tape. They asked to hear the tape over the phone first.
 Once they heard it,they were blown away and told him to fly over.

Once Chester was in the band, they focused on making demos and
used their connections at Zomba to get their demos out to people
who would listen.

Eventually after a buzz started, Warner Brothers was interested and
signed them to their label. Then "Hybrid Theory" changed their name
 to "Linkin Park" to avoid legal hassles w/ another band who had
the same name.

They chose "Linkin Park" because Chester used to drive by Lincoln Park
 in Santa Monica, CA (which was a middle class neighborhood where lots
 of homeless people hung out) after practice and it grabbed his attention
& the guys in the band liked how it sounded. They changed the spelling
so that they could buy the domain; lincolnpark.com was already taken and
 too expensive to buy. They also think it's cool because there are so
many Lincoln Parks that everywhere they play people think they are a
local band.

Also while Phoenix was with the band when they were "Xero" he left the
band at some point to tour with another band Snax (more info on Snax on
 Phoenix's pg). He is not the bassist on the Hybrid Theory ep, Kyle
 Christner was bass. Once Phoenix finished up w/ the Snax tour he came
 back as a permanent member of Linkin Park. Kyle is now in the band NoseDive.
 So basically Phoenix was the bassist for "Xero", Kyle was the bassist for
"Hybrid Theory" and Scott was just a temporary bassist for linkin park until
Phoenix came back. (Scott can be seen in the 'One Step Closer' video).192046_1475107016452_1797004396_842042_34367_o.jpg

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