Linkin Park cancels upcoming Concert in Curitiba








It does not matter which one comes first. The Curitiba Show Cancellation, especially after such a long wait - under so poor explanations – with so short notice leaves a mixture of these feelings.

Art is a complicated issue because frequently we mix the work of art and the artist and why shouldn’t we? After all one comes from within the other.

Music touches the soul because it speaks about the depths of the human being   with sounds and lyrics we relate to.

Linkin Park has been doing it so well over the years that we can’t help loving them. When we are forgotten and left behind with such disregard though a sense of betrayal takes place.

I wish things were better planned in advance, I wish promises that could not be kept, were not made in the first place, I wish there was much more respect and much less greed , I wish the beauty of art was expressed in every possible way - including acts.

I look through Linkin Park’s lyrics and because I share  the same pain of the soul that drives creative expression, I wonder if a  hurting soul should not  have more compassion – I can see I am very naive about all these things I ‘ve just been writing about.

So, I am going to sit here in Curitiba wondering how wonderful it could have been, kind of feeling sorry for myself, kind of feeling sorry for you guys.


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