This is my first time ever writing a blog post, so here goes.


A highschool friend of mine first introduced me to Linkin Park and the first song of theirs i ever listened to of theirs was In The End. It was one of those moments when you think "ah, this song will never grow on me"...boy was I wrong! Besides all of the new LP music that has come out since then, In The End is still one of my favourite songs....mainly for the lyrics and the meaning and also because it has that little bit of sentimental value for me :) I LOVED all of their albums that came out up until Minutes to Midnight, not saying I never liked it but just enjoyed their old music a TAD bit more...I doubt that I am the only one that feels that, albeit maybe I am, I dont know.


You know how they say the music is what makes a movie 'complete', if you will? Well...I couldnt agree more! They could not have chosen anyone better to sing in the place of Linkin Park when it came to movies like Transformers and Twilight. Ok so you have Paramore, Goo Goo Dolls, MCR and Taking Back Sunday....but they dont have a lead singer quite like Mr. Bennington now do they? ;) I know they add their own special feeling to it, I wont take that away from them...but they are just not Linkin Park :) One example: In TF3 when Carly gets taken by Dylan Gould and the Decepticons, Sam and Epps round up some of Epps' guys and they are driving through all of the carnage and Iridescent was playing....I replayed that part maybe 10 times while watching the DVD haha.


I have got plenty time to write about WHY I love Linkin Park. Hope this isnt too boring as it was my first one :)

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Comment by Tamzin J Moore on October 2, 2012 at 11:27pm

Hybrid Theory MOST DEFINATELY! But alas...a bands music must evolve :)

Comment by Matthew Color on October 2, 2012 at 11:53am

My first song heard ever by LP was In The End too and agree i really want  get  back to old times, Old Songs,  Hybrid Theory  & Meteora Times :/   


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