I have been waiting for a long time to finally see LP live and my dreams finally came true on Jan. 25th. Getting to the Joe Louis Arena at around 12:30 and waiting for 5 and 1/2 hours in the winter cold was definitely worth it. I was at the very front at the rail.

  Right when all the those lights were shut off and I heard the singing of The Requiem, I got goosebumps all over my body and I KNEW this is going to be the greatest concert ever. They all came out and everyone went nuts as they started it off with New Divide. The only thing I was disappointed about is that I saw the set list for Florida and it said they would play Wretches and Kings(one of the favs on the album) right after The Requiem, but they didn't. They got my hopes up when they showed a glimpse of Mario Savio(the one that does the speech at the beginning of Wretches and Kings) on the screen, but they didn't sing it. And if any of you guys happen to read this, I was wondering if you were going to play it and something happened and you took Mario off the screen or you did that to tease everyone lol. They tricked me again after they played Bleed It Out(which is usually the last song they play at their concerts) b/c after the song finished, they bowed and everything and they got off the stage and i'm thinking "I don't want it to end already", and then they came back out and started it up again with Blackout.

None the less, it was an amazing experience. From Chester shining the flashlight on everyone while the sirens go off in the background for Jordana Del Muerto and then kicking it off with When They Come For Me. To everyone singing along to their famous songs like In The End, Numb, and Papercut, these are all performances no one should miss. Plus I caught Mike's pick, so that was awesome too.


So anyone that hasn't gone to their concert for the North American tour yet, you should definitely go buy a ticket now. I would fly over to another city to go see that again.


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