Linkin Park june 14th Sweden - A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011

Omg.. I don’t know how to write this! I can’t remember anything?! Uhmm.. ok well I’ll probably remember as I’m writing this, so here it goes;
Femmy and I arrived in Stockholm on Monday noon then we just spent hours after hours at the hotel trying to kill some time and get even more pumped for the concert the next day. Oh I was so nervous, I’ve never been that nervous in my entire life. I didn’t felt like eating anything but I knew I had too.. haha I was so unbelievably nervous! We didn’t slept much that night, I think we managed to sleep around 2am.

Ericsson Globe

The next day we woke up around 8am, which was just stupid cuz we had meet & greet so we didn’t actually had to wait in line for the concert. But we thought it’d be fun to wait in line just to hang out with other LP fans lol. So after the breakfast we went directly to the waiting line and got a great spot, started talking to two girls from Uppsala. They were really sweet! The hours passed by slowly and around 1pm we met up with Joscelin and Livia that I have talked to before. Oh my God had so much fun while waiting.. then another friend, Millie came and joined. And we had even more fun!

Then out of nowhere a staff member (i think she was, maybe not a LP staff but yeah?) came and gave everyone in the line Doritos!!! haha I have wanted to taste those nachos since like forever, and now I finally got to! We got mail from LPU headquarters about the meet & greet, time and place for the pick up. Since the staff was going to pick us up and lead us to the place where the band was. But not all of us were going to the meet & greet just me, Femmy and Joscelin. So we left the waiting line, Millie, Livia and the two girls around 6pm since there meet & greet started at 7.30pm. I started to rain and I went crazy and ran into the mall to find a cheap umbrella (a tiny one!!). After running from store to store we finally found one. Then we went out and search and found the LP meet & greet spot!

Before we went to the meeting spot inside the Globe we bought merch from the merch table. Then Livia called and we told her and Millie to get out of the waiting line and join us instead even tho they couldn’t get into the meet & greet. So there we sat under the LPU flag, waiting for the LPU staff to come and pick us and the other LPU members up. When the LPU staff came she had brought green wrist bands with her to give us. The rules were simple, no ID -card, wrist band, M&G confirmation mail = NO MEET & GREET

When we finally followed her down the stairs my heart started to freaking jump outta my chest like never before. Thought I would faint! Promised myself not to cry in front of Chester (he's my favorite obviously) or any other band member. However, me, Femmy and Joscelin were last in line as we walked down the stairs. We reached a hallway and the staff told everyone to turn around and stand against the wall in a line. Now the ones who had been the last in line were first! Oh my God!!! I got even more nervous! And yeah it sure felt like the military! Haha, then we met Hugo their tour manager (I think, oh man I can’t remember?). He was the sweetest man I’ve ever met! Seriously, so nice and everything. He told us the things we weren’t allowed to do when we were going to meet the band. Like no kisses, photos with them, or taking photos/filming them during the signing. Since the band wanted to hang with the fans and acutally talk to us and wanted us to pay attention to them.

But we were allowed to take picture after the signing thingy, but with NO FLASH! Since their photographer Tim was taking photos of us and the whole thing. He was the sweetest! When we stood at the wall he came up to Femmy cuz she was like “I think I’m gonna die!!!” and he was like “No you’re not gonna die!” and then he took a photo of her right up in her face! HAHA!
Then we got meet & greet passes and guitar picks from Hugo and a asian girl from the staff which name I can’t remember. As we waited we heard Chester talking in Hugo’s walkie talkie, EVERYONE DIED IN THAT MOMENT! I’ve never heard such a beautiful voice before. Oh God! Shizzz was about to get real!!!

Then Tim stod infront of us and he was like “Oh my God, Sweden is so hot! It’s so hot in here”. Me and Joseclin was like “Yeah it’s very hot in here” and giggled and he was like “How do you say hot in swedish?” then Joscelin said “Varm”. HAHA he was so cute, tried to pronouncing it.. and then (don’t ask me why I said it) I told him “But you can say ‘het’ too” He got confused since Joscelin started cracking up. Then he was like which of it?! And Joscelin explained that “het” is a word for someone who’s hot! HAHA then Tim was like “Awh god you girls..” lol and he made a super cute face expression and waved with his hand!

Then it was finally time to meet the band! I was the fourth person in line! Oh my God, when we went throught the door I almost fainted. The first of them I saw was Mike! HOLY SHINODA how gorgeous a man can be!!! I felt like heaven haha! First out to meet was Joe, I was like ”Hi joe” and he just answered “Hi, how are you?” I WANTED TO SAY, I’M DEAD CAUSE YOU'RE SO CUTE!! AND UNREAL! But since he wasn’t unreal and I was to shy to say anything else I was just like “I’m good and you?” ofc he was fine then I asked for a fist haha!

Beside him was Rob, so shy but ALSO SO SWEET! Same thing there, just hi and stuff but before I went up to Phoenix he wish me a great night! :’)

When I came to Phoenix everything got so relaxed, it was like wazzup bro long time no see, even though I’ve never met him before! However I just said “Hey Phoenix” and he asked if I was nervous for the concert. AND IF I WAS, DEAD NERVOUS! Then I asked for a fist and he was like naah and gave me a handshake instead. I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied! I wanted to fall down on the floor and rolll around and cry!

Then I came up to Brad, didn’t talked much to him just hi and so, cause I couldn’t say anything, still chocked over the Phoenix thing!
Then I came to Mike! I DIDN’T SPOKE MUCH TO HIM AS I HAD PROMISED MYSELF TOO! I couldn’t, all I said was hi, how are you and that stuff… buhu I was too nervous!!!

Then the last man I’ve wanted to see for so long, my inspiration and holy God. Chester. I told myself not to cry and I DIDN’T, can’t believe it! It was so awkward.
The whole meeting with him, I was like “Hi Chester, could you write the lyrcis from the messenger, when life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind?” I talked really fast cuz I was so nervous and he was like “Wait uhm… uh” and started to write it down, and he kinda forgot some letters and stuff but wrote them after. While he was writing he was like “this is taking a very long time…” and I was just “yeah…” lol! Embarrassing as fuck I know, but I wanted the messenger in his hand writing so much. It means so much to me, cuz I’ve wanted to get the lyrics tattooed for a long time now, but thought I could get it in his hand writing! However after he had signed it he was like “here you go” and I just answered thank you so much I love you! But yeah he didn’t heard that x)

Then I immidiately started to cry and walked to the back of the room where everyone was going to stay during the meet & greet. Cuz after, we would take a group photo with the band! Omg it was so amazing! Seriously! I felt like a dream..

After the meet & greet we rushed up the stairs and met up with Livia and ran to the concert! We didn’t got any good spots but whatever it was AMAZING anyways! Loved everything! The sound and the lights, and oh my God Chester’s scream is killing me! I can’t believe that all this happened last night! ohh..Words can’t seriously describe how AMAZING IT WAS!


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Comment by Arunselvan on June 30, 2011 at 7:37am
wow dear ur so fortunate...........nice to read diz
Comment by Jasparina on June 21, 2011 at 2:43am
Kajsa, thanks for sharing your story, I really enjoyed it. I'm so happy you get to meet the band.
Comment by winda arigitha on June 20, 2011 at 11:37pm

omg! that was amazing! i'm happy for you:) Linkin Park will come to my country Indonesia on September! i cant wait for them also i hope i will have a chance to attend the M&G

thanks for sharing :)


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