My concert review for the show in Leipzig, Germany (Jun 18, 2011)


The Requiem (+ short part Wretches and Kings' intro)
Lying From You
Given UP
What I've Done
When They Come For Me
No More Sorrow (+ extendet intro)
Jornada Del Muerto
Waiting For The End
Burning In The Skies
Numb (+ extendet outro)
Breaking The Habit
The Catalyst
Faint (+ extendet outro)
One Step Closer (+ extendet outro)

New Divide
In The End
Bleed It Out (+ drum solo, A Place For My Head bridge & extendet outro)

It was my second show of Linkin Park. I also went to Berlin last year. And thanks to LPU, I was randomly chosen for the Linkin Park Underground Meet & Greet for the second time. So actually I should have been quite relaxed, but I felt totally nervous the whole time. But at the M&G my exitement was replaced by pure awesomeness and enjoyment. I had some brief conversations, especially to Mike and Phoenix. With Mike, I talked about the musical parallels of Robot Boy and Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix. And I thanked Phoenix (and actually the whole band) for giving me and my fellow LPU mates the opportunity to win such amazing Meet & Greets. After the group shot I also got an individual pic with Mike.

When I walked back to the venue after having the great M&G experience, I still had about 30 minutes left waiting for the show. Linkin Park's supporting acts I largely dind't focus on. The only band I really liked was Middle Class Rut, but they only played for about 20 minutes. I also would have listened to Guano Apes 'cause they have some great songs but at that time was the Meet & Greet that was like 1,000,000x more important.

The show Linkin Park set up was full of energy, agitating and intoxicating - just amazingly awesome. What I always admire, is Linkin Park's perfect assortment of songs of each of their creative periods. Their performed songs arised in the Hybrid Theory & Meteora era like Papercut or Crawling, but also M2M and brand-new tracks such as Given Up or Iridescent. BTW that makes Linkin Park's shows all the more unforgettable.

Two very special moments for me were the performances of Blackout and Bleed It Out with the A PLACE FOR MY HEAD bridge and drum solo. Blackout because it is my favourite new-album track and I know that it is rarely performed. And Bleed It Out or actually the A Place For My Head part because APFMH was alway one of my very favourites and definitely one of the greates and most powerful songs Linkin Park ever performed. I put all the energy I had left into that song.

Chester was really in to it. It was like he was prooving us his voice's capability all the time. Awesome scream parts and beautiful ballads built the perfect athmosphere. Also the crowd was really cool - just like Chester said before playing Burning In The Skies "This is like the perfect audience."- and I felt like everybody was totally in to it.

After having two unbelievable, unforgettable and wonderful concert experiences that affirmed me why Linkin Park is my favourite band ever and will always be, I'm just looking forward to see some more very special events in the near future.

Good Night.

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