Linkin Park live in Stuttgart - 22.10.2010

Linkin Park live in Stuttgart

Just a few commenting words wouldn’t be enough to describe what happened that evening so welcome to my story behind the most beautiful and most awesome day of my life. I went to the concert in Stuttgart. Though I live in Austria but, Tyrol is very beautiful, I don’t say anything against it, but there’s never anything really cool happening here. Germany really knows a lot more about how to rock.

So, I went there with my dad and my sister. We arrived in Stuttgart and found our way to the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle. Even though I couldn’t remember the name very well before, after the concert, I found myself unable to forget it. The entrance was crowded with people. I looked around a bit, saw T-Shirts, caps, scarves and even tattoos of LP everywhere. I felt at home just in a moment. So many like-minded people! That was just awesome. They were all wearing the same, happy and excited looks in their faces.

I don’t know how, but we finally managed to get through the crowd of fans and got into the hall, where the Futureheads were already playing. I had a seat place, but in fact, ‘Seat place’ wasn’t the right word, because nobody sat on his chair while the show was going on. After switching our place three times, we even found the right seats. Now, excited like never before, we sat there, listened to them, and waited anxiously for the LP concert to begin. We didn’t have to wait very long, even though it felt like hours to us.

As soon as the first tone of "The Requiem" found its way into the hall, everybody was screaming, clapping their hands, shouting the band’s name or just smiling bigger than ever before. I will never forget the moment the guys first came onto the stage. I remember me just standing there, unable to do anything else than beaming and being so thrilled, that I almost forgot about breathing. Afterwards, my dad told me, he had never seen me smiling that bright ever before.

That moment was, when the real magic began. The intro of Wretches and Kings build up a tension until it broke off into one of the greatest live performances I had ever seen. The atmosphere changed within seconds and once they all stood on the stage, it was like somebody had sparked a fire that spread through the hall and caused everybody to stand up and cheer louder than ever!

Everyone around me begged me to borrow the (really big O.o) binoculars I had taken with me. Of course I lend them, and in the (rather short) times I used them for myself, I tried to film through them. Now all my vids have a black circle around them. xD However.

Some of the greatest hits like Papercut, Given Up and Faint followed, and heated up the hall within seconds. Actually, I wasn’t that near to the stage, but just seeing the fans down there go crazy was enough. And, even though I saw a lot of comments like “if they play to much of A Thousand Suns, I’ll go home”, I thought the loudest cheers were during the new songs like When They Come For Me and especially Waiting For The End and The Catalyst. That shows how much attention people pay to what they say and what they really think, and how they bluster into their bad comments without even thinking of something that bad.

I really was looking forward to hearing Breaking the Habit, cause I absolutely love that song. And I wasn’t disappointed at all! At the breakdown of the song, my sister casted a brief glance at me, and her look was like: “How on earth does he do this?” That song was one of the best ones on that evening.

Probably my favourite song was Iridescent. For me, the song is the incarnation of hope. Everybody went silent while the song began and just that gave a really special feeling to it. It was like everyone knew that something great and remarkable was coming . The piano at the beginning was so beautiful… Slolwy, a quiet and peaceful mood settled down. I felt like crying as Mike began to sing, and Chester joined in the first chorus. I'm not that much of an emotional person but as everyone began to sing, I really struggled to hold back the tears. Most beautiful, and most touching song I ever heard…

And also something really special to me was The Messenger, it being one of my most beloved songs. Shivers ran down my spine one after the other and I couldn’t stop staring down at the stage totally amazed and wondering how someone could put that much emotion into his voice… Especially the last part was beautiful. Everybody around us put their hands up and sang along with Chester. Even though I didn’t know any of the guys around me, I got a feeling of belonging together, and I knew they felt the same by just looking at their smiling faces. That really changed my point of view to concerts.

So, all in all, I want to say one last thing.

From the first to the last tone, from "The Requiem" to "Bleed it Out", it was beyond description. Everybody felt the great tension that started at the stage and spread into every corner of the big hall that night. It was my first LP-Concert and definitely the most unforgettable night of my whole life. I definitely want to go to a concert like that again!

And the next time, I’ll try to get a place in the middle of all those crazy and amazing fans right in front of the stage that all share one thing: The mind-blowing feeling of seeing Linkin Park, one of the greatest live bands ever, in real on the stage rocking out their heart and souls. Hoping for their soon return to Austria or Germany!


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Comment by SchaniiaL :D on December 21, 2010 at 11:14am

I'm from Niederösterreich ;)

Linz war näher :D


(ich hoff ich darf deutsch schreiben ;D)

Du hattest es gut auf einem Sitzplatz.. ich stand in Linz in der 5. Reihe vor der Bühne ;)

die ganze Menge sprang und alle flppten einfach nur...

Das hört sich jetzt vielleicth brutal an, aber man vergisst alles sobald LP da oben 5 meter vor dir steht :)


Ich geb dir in allem Recht was du schreibst.. es war einfach von anfang bis zum schluss das bestee ever <3 und ich hoffe sie kommen bald wieder nach Österreich ;)


Comment by Melina Meyer on December 21, 2010 at 10:43am

wow..awesome :D

Comment by Mariana on December 20, 2010 at 8:20pm

lucky you

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