hey guys i love Linkin park and all their music and their albums specially Hybrid Theory and Meteora album. but others have negative comment in some of thier songs in the new album. some ask why did they change their playing style.. I've read a comment in youtube about the new album and he said "I understand there are millions of fans that love the "new" LP but man if they would have just stayed with Hybrid Theory and Meteora..that style of music they would have been so much bigger..we are severly lackin that kind of music now because every band thinks they have to "change" to keep up with the times..its just not the case..i enjoyed alot of there earlier songs from this concert and i skipped there new junk just to see them"

he's got a point. i kinda agree in what he said.. i mean most of the people love the old albums and all the songs in it. and the playing style is just ow some .. i also like some of the songs in the new album but i kinda don't feel the others songs. no thrill.. and they attract more listeners in the old album.. hope linkin park read this comment of mine.. I'm just a concern fan. because i don't like the negative comments about linkin park.. thanks ^_^ 

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