hey LP fans from all over the world.
probably, you already know the special features of linkin park I'm
talking here about the charity s they always doing, and works like
"Download to donate, Not alone, Combat the global warming with rosing
hundred of thousands plants, n helping a different victims from all over
the world, and many many ....." all that prove what I'm saying.
That's why I think Linkin Park should do a song or anything to helping the
people in Gaza (IN PALESTINE), those are humming being and they suffering allot from the blockade of Israel military I mean they don't even have a Pharmaceuticals in there hospitals (if they had one), Can anyone tell me if Israel military or government have to do all that
(Vagabonding children cause there parent been killed, take away people's
freedom ....), and I'm saying that because it welly hurting me (as a man with a heart),
n I think We all have a little Responsibility in that cause we're doing nothing (that's sucks).
So, please support the subject with your replies n remember that if we rich to our goal (Ending the siege in GAZA) that mean we're doing a big change in this sick world, n if we don't rich to it at least we can "we try".
"Linkin Park We Love You"

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Comment by Kamel LP on September 10, 2010 at 12:33pm


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