Linkin Park Posters and Things You See Around Are About LP :D

Posters-huh, sometimes a lot sometimes totally minimum of them.In each part of world it's different -hard or easy...But what we will do without our friends!! :D I am just finished with my doors...well,no to the bottom 'cause of my baby cousin who damage 2 of them >.> !!!But I think every poster of mine have some story :3

4 same!!ahaha :D


New Part ^^


New have a biiig story!!I was so much asking my friend to give me but she didn't wanted cause my cousin from my class kept on joking her with one boy =S and I finally got it on rainy stormy day,it was so wet and demaged :S I was like OMG!Poor chaz =PP..but now is ok ^^


Full LP-part of room

Some days ago I entered music classroom and got suprised with this on blackboard,i mean greenboard xD


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