Linkin Park Rock It Out in Sydney, 11th December 2010

Well! After riding a high from Linkin Parks concert in Newcastle on the 4th Of December my daughter and I travelled to the big smoke (Sydney) to attend the 2nd of my 3 LP concerts. The drive took about 2 hours in the stinking heat but gotta love the air conditioner huh?

I haven't been able to stop talking about LP all week and it got so bad that my daughter was tempted to kill me LOL
Anyway, we arrived at the Acer Arena and found a fairly decent park and wandered down to the merchandising outlet there. If only i had unlimited money! I could have bought one of EVERYTHING! After perusing the stall we walked to the front of the acer only to witness a rather large gathering of fans waiting to get into the mighty mosh! Countdown! and the doors opened. We wandered around looking for something to eat prior to the concert as we were absolutely famished.
When it came time, we found our seats and we were excited! We were in the seated section only four rows back from the stage. Our view was AWESOME. I was also really happy that I managed to get my camera through and ready to take just a few snaps (only like 170 photos!)
I looked at the crowd and the empty places were filling up fast. The mosh pit was looking quite, um, well, squishy! The fans had such a glow of excitement about them. The atmosphere was positively ELECTRIC. I had a feeling that the concert was going to be a huge one.
The time finally came and the lights dimmed. Mr Hahn entered first to a HUGE cheers from the crowd. The requiem & then LP performed Wretches & Kings. The crowd went absolutely crazy and I think the energy was twofold. The crowd showed LP how much they were adored and LP showed the crowd how much they appreciated their fans. It was just such an amazing experience. The fans knew every single word to their songs and sang right along. I think that is a huge homage to the mighty LP.
LP continued to sing a mix from new and old iconic LP material. The fans just went absolutely ballistic! I've never seen anything like it. The roar of the crowd when they finished was to be heard. The mosh pit people were just amazingly responsive to every little thing. LP sang through their set list including Papercut, Given up, New Divide, Faint right through to the closing. Of course there was an encore! They finished off with "In the End" and "Bleed it Out". My daughter and I had seated tickets but I don't think we really sat down! We were up dancing and singing along to all of their tunes as were the rest of the crowd.
LP were putting in so much effort to their performance and the crowd responded. The more the crowd responded the more LP amped up their performance. Chester verbalised how they felt the Sydney crowd had been the best so far this tour and he once again braved the fans to sing some lines.He is indeed a VERY brave man.

Mike got the crowd going by making sure they were heard! When given the opportunity to sing the crowd proved mighty. I think Mike and the band got a thrill from it. Mike headed off stage for a few minutes chatting to the crew and as a result LP extended their performance by a few songs because the crowd just couldn't get enough.

They finished in the usual style by thinking of their fans! Memorabilia was tossed intoo the crowd and it was much appreciated. Once again I missed out but I still have the summit to go! I'm so pumped about this it's incredible. I've purchased a program and hoping the guys sign it for me at the summit. I feel incredibly blessed that I was able to attend any of their concerts. If only I had a limitless amount of money! I would have attended EVERY single event. They're such wonderful musicians and I was totally captivated by their performance.

The thing that stands out the most about this concert was the excitement and energy surrounding me. Once they started singing it became a complete circle. The more they gave to the crowd the more they got back which made them give more!
I recall Chester saying that LP had the best fans in the world. And he's right! We LP fans are awesome but we are fans of a majorly awesome group of highly skilled, fantastic musicians!
Keep up the good work LP and I'll see you on Wednesday afternoon :o)
Forever a Fan
Linda B

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Comment by adrian ruano on December 15, 2010 at 7:00pm

i know im might go to a consert in feb 22 in san jose

Comment by Linda Barter on December 15, 2010 at 3:58pm

Yes you can see good but who would want to sit at a LP concert? 

Comment by adrian ruano on December 14, 2010 at 6:09pm

can u see good if u sit?

Comment by Brian Fuentes on December 14, 2010 at 2:39pm

there probably will be there a mosh pit, and people just doing stupid things..but if you want avoid the moshpits, dont buy tickets for the floor, just seat, and if u did buy floor tickets, just try to avoid the moshpits, thats what im going to do haha hey Linda i have a question for you, what time did the concert start? and how early did u get there?

Comment by adrian ruano on December 13, 2010 at 8:37pm

man i want to go to one of LP conserts but i wonder if there be eny mosh pits?


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