Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" One year anniversary!

It has been a whole year since the debut of Linkin Park's fourth studio album "A Thousand Suns" and to my opinion its their biggest success. Different thematic elements enfored into each song, carrying borderline breaking structures that really wow the audience! with an opening of "The Requiem" a deeply heart beating song of Mike Shinoda's voice being a helpless terrified young girl praying for gods help while rolling into the danger of "The Radiance" with the fear the Manhattan Project brought towards J. Robert Oppenheimers eyes, the tress through his speech really brought goose bumps to the close listeners. Following with Buring In The Skies a song about an atomic bomb going off killing innocent people, well thought up intro to any Linkin Park record ive heard. When listening to "Empty Spaces" to me i could listen to it tons of times and try to really understand what it is, but with the following song being "When They Come For Me" it makes it easier to realize the formation of the song. knowing that still many fans are stuck on that fact that again, Linkin Park have and will again change their style. people are caught up on them changing back to primal Hybrid Theory/ Meteora style, but this is who they are. with Mike screaming "TRY TO CATCH UP MOTHER FUCKER!" its more of a "pick up with the pace we are who we are" then comes the song "Robot Boy" personally to me, such a freakin' beautiful song! Whenever im having a bad day i sing that song in my head and its like im alive again! <3 such a pure song! Following that comes "Jornada Del Muerto" when i first heard this song i thought it was for Hiroshima, the atomic bomb in Japan. Then after reading reviews it came to be the atomic bomb testing is Nevada. Jonada Del Muerto means Day of the Dead. so i figured it was about Japan, its funny cause while writing this im listening to it as we speak! ok so next is "Waiting For The End" a song that seems to be after the bomb going off in the story, Yes! to me A Thousand Suns is a journey through a story. it flows... Burning in The Skies, Waiting For The End, The Catalyst. sometimes this album is really hard to understand cause you have to listen closely but to me "Blackout" towards the end of the song it seems to me that mike is saying there there are people out there that need to be heard and understood, thats my interpretation. Like many have said, YES, its true. "Wretches And Kings" is a dope song to play in the car with the bass all the way up. i have done it many times and it does turn heads! i dont know quite what the song is about but i think its about the work force from what ive heard. I cannot begin to explain how both eerie and 100% pure Wisdom, Justice, and Love is, that to me was one of the most brilliant peices to put within this record! "Cannot Be Reconciled with Wisdom, Justice, and Love!" "Iridescent" is quite an eye opener, with a group solo of all the band members singing together, it really gives you that great feeling. Following that is "Fallout" which is pretty much self explanatory. the fallout of an atomic bomb is the aftermath of the storm, what falls from the sky. Mikes voice sounds like a robot fading back to his origional voice. "THE CATALYST"!!! if your crazy like me, you believe in Illuminati and all those secret societies, you question everything the government has dealt with. in the song when Mike sings "LIFT ME UP, LET ME GO" its like (to me) we are being controlled by the government like robots to do as they say, "God Bless Us Everyone We're A Broken People Living Under Loaded Gun" and it cant be outfought, it cant be outdone, it cant be outmatched, it cant be out run, NOOO! We cant fight it, we dont dont have the freedoms we were given, its a really deep song in itself as well. "The Messenger" itself is another really deep song, saying theres always love and life can be rough but remember your loved. I would like to send a special Thank You to each of the band members of Linkin Park for making this masterpiece! Michael Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Robert Bourdon, Joseph Hahn, Bradford Delson, and Phoenix Farrell! and further news they have announce that they are in far progress with their new album! hope you all enjoyed reading, feedback is more than welcome! Enjoy!

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Comment by Ryan Voight on September 16, 2011 at 5:42pm
Great review in my opinion, really captures the thoughts of many other LP fans. 5 out of 5.
Comment by Oscar B on September 16, 2011 at 10:57am

hey!! goood review :)

sometimes i think what lyrics would have in "when they come for me" if the people didn't had talk trash about linkin park when the catalyst was out :P...

BTW happy A Thousands Suns Anniversary ;)


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