Linkin Park should definitely do another "win LP Tickets for life" event!

I think that it's an amazing thing for them to do! 

It gives their fans the chance to have a dream come true, and receive Linkin Park tickets for life, getting to go to many, many more of their awesome concerts.  
(I'm not quite sure how it works, if you get any tickets/areas that you want,  or if you put down a specific area(s) and when they're on tour there, you get it?)   
At that,  it would make other chances for doing things with Linkin Park easier, such as saving up for meet & greets, purchasing merchandise, and anything and everything else.   To me, going to the concerts, and meeting the members of your favorite band is a dream, a privilege that non should take for granted and hold onto every second of that, and something in life everyone should experience.

Regardless, it's amazing, and  I know I'm not the only one who would love another chance at that!  

Granted it'd suck me being the one saying this, and I'd lose, but it'd still be awesome to put forth my efforts for it!  :D

I'm not sure if it's too much for Linkin Park to do again, whether it's money wise, or a lot of work, but would definitely make a lot of people happy!
So I think that however word gets around to them, the idea should be pitched,or at least something else awesome they can think of (:

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