Linkin Park - The Songs And Album Covers

It starts with love

One thing

I don't know why

It doesn't even matter how hard you try

Keep that in mind

I designed this rhyme to explain in due time

(All I know)

Time is a valuable thing

Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings

(Linkin Park – Crawling)

Ask someone who likes mainstream rock and Linkin Park would be a name that would be mentioned. Gained fame among rockers with their first album, Hybrid Theory (released 2000) – all songs on this album are now considered rock classics. Like most rock bands Linkin Park albums always have a theme behind them. This theme is the album title as well as the design of the CD cover. Hybrid Theory cover has a simple image in dull colors but look closely and you can see an image of a man with insect wings ready to fight. The songs depict a man suppressed who eventually learns to fight his battles.

Reanimation (2002) was the first remix album by a rock artist. Their genre changed from mainly rock to rap rock/alternative hip hop/industrial metal etc. I personally liked the style of  printing for this album's cover. They showed that they could experiment and not only keep their fan base but also step into mainstream music.

Meteora was then released in 2003 in which the album cover represents a man with a scarf on his mouth and a spray can about to make his point via his art.  They went back to their strong rock backgrounds and songs again topped the charts.

2007 saw another chart topper ‘Minutes to Midnight’. The album cover and the video for the song ‘What I’ve done’, have almost the same theme. An idea of the human race which has realized that they are the ones destroying their earth, but have they gone too far or is there still something that someone can do to save the home planet.

A Thousand suns (2010) was the next studio album. Apocalypse or the impending doom seems was the idea behind both the CD cover and the songs. They gained popularity among the masses with their song ‘Iridescent’ which became synonymous with the blockbuster “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” released in 2011.

Their current album ‘Living Things’ (2012) looks at both personal relationships and politics. Album cover shows a man’s head in turmoil/breaking apart (which is what both these two relationships and politics do at their worst).

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