There is a feeling that you get when listening to a band like Linkin Park which cannot be experienced when listening to any other band.


The first time I heard a Linkin Park song, I thought I had heard it before. That’s how familiar the music was to me. The instrumentals were something different altogether, but I seemed to recognize the lyrics although I had never heard them before. That’s the feeling they give you; a sense of familiarity in a beat of uniqueness.


They make you think twice about a situation that you thought you might have been alone in. They make you see the light at the end of the tunnel even if you cannot see it for yourself. They help see you through the bad times and reassure you that the good ones have yet to pass.


Linkin Park can touch you through their music in a way which you did not realize or expect. They can shock, excite, surprise, and piss you off all at the same time.


This is why I am a fan. However, fan never seemed like the right word.


I’ve known Linkin Park almost my whole life. They’ve been my shoulder to cry on, my friend to sing with on road trips, and sometimes they serenade me without singing at all.


Thank you doesn’t seem like the right word either. But until they learn how to fit, “I-love-you-I-respect-you-you-are-my-favorite-please-keep-being-awesome-thank-you-times-a-million,” all into one sentence… thank you will do for now.

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