its funny how people who got "A Thousand Suns" r startin to hate it allready! People.....Linkin Park hav abandoned the old sound! People who hate it hav to realize tht! they r changin n growin into sumthin MUCH better. Yes, i will admit tht i miss ther old sound like "Hybrid Theory" n "Meteora". But music changes n they hav moved on to tht direction.........n i HIGHLY respect thm for it cause its a big risk. People should notice tht ever since "Minutes To Midnight" came out!! I personally luv ther new sound not because im a true Linkin Park fan, its because they r my #1 favorite music group on this earth n no matter else they change in ther music.................i will NEVER!!!!! stop listenin to them. keep goin LP! keep makin music tht U LIKE!!! not wht people want n expect u to make. fuck the criticism!!! do wht u want to do!!! - ur #1 fan AJ Asencio. LINKIN PARK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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