Got home from work today, when I found something I wasn't expecting yet :

the new Living Things album

I expected it to come in tomorrow but my local record store sent it to me so I got it today.

Man, was I suprised to see it on the floor. I Immediately runned upstairs to listen to it and quickly came

to the conclusion that this album is just as bad-ass as each album before this one.

Big difference that i noticed is Chester's voice on this album. It seems as if it hasn't been purified by whatever

machine they use to purify voices. It was like I was given a live show in my own room.

This and the great diversity of the songs really made my evening.

I'm listening to it for the 5th time now and it doesn't seem to amaze me how good everything fits together.

As a conclusion I would like to thank Chester, Mike, Brad, Rob, Joe and Dave for making my Linkin Park collection

even more valuable to me by giving us this great music.

Groupie News : Please come back to the Netherlands soon to perform the new album.

You guys were great at Landgraaf, Pinkpop and I can't wait to attend your next performance.


A big fan from the Netherlands

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