I hear the full album today 26 June 1 pm with the #LIVINGTHINGSReleaseDayChallenge on the tiwtter listening party :)

1. LOST IN THE ECHO at the end Chester sing and scream at the same time, the same problem with robot boy :P good song :)

2. IN MY REMAINS my favorite song of the album :) love the final part "like an army falling one by one by one" the best lyric of the album ;'D

3. BURN IT DOWN the lead single of the album , like Chester voice in this one :P

4. LIES GREED MISERY good song to party it's such a happy song :P

5. I'LL BE GONE my second favorite song of the album, the instrumental with the voice make a perfect match

6. CASTLE OF GLASS love this melodic song, i don't like the part when they say: "for you to see" for second time sounds like. they could do it with a note louder than the first one, i just think that but i also think that they know that and they do it that way because is better ;3

7. VICTIMIZED the only song i don't like :( this song is added to my list of songs that i don't like :(, they say that this new album will not content extra rare sounds like ATS and there are :/

8. ROADS UNTRAVELED instrumental sounds like in pieces part 2 :), when i hear this song i can't stop sing it :)

9. SKIN TO BONE since the list of the album comes out i get interested on this one by the name :P and i like the instrumental ;3

10. UNTIL IT BREAKS like this song for a party or for a game :D, and like the part when mike says : "like that" :P

11. TINFOIL good instrumental opening powerless

12. POWERLESS the intro sounds like Burning in the skies :D always get interested on how the last song of the album sounds like :P, and this is a very good song :) my favorite #3 of the album :P

I really like this album and his cover :P
good songs for new times :)

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Comment by Oscar B on July 4, 2012 at 11:42am

lol u right XD

Comment by Adam Farrah on July 2, 2012 at 4:52pm

Hang on a minute, how can you give it 10/10 if there are parts you don't like about it O.o ?

You reviewed it more like it was a 8 or 9 out of 10 really


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