Hey again everyone, I took the release day challenge for the album, bought it on June 26th, and listened to it with my friend Andrew (who didn't pay attention to it while it was playing but whatever, his loss haha). Overall, I love the album. Easily my second favorite (first being Meteora), Living Things is very song based as opposed to 2010's concept album A Thousand Suns, but with all the meaningful lyrical content as ATS. To begin, Lost in the Echo has a memorable, catchy (lke the rest of the song) opening, followed by simple yet nice guitar work that mixes perfectly with the synth, leading into a powerful rap by Mike, a nice chorus by Chester, and eventually an awesome scream vocal section (looped and remixed by Mr. Hahn ATS-style), and finally a great conclusion to the song. Lost in the Echo is one of my favorites on the album, as it has elements of all four previous albums and is one of the best embodiments of the whole Living Things album on its own. As for In my Remains, the instruments and vocals are great, but the lyrics are what I really like about this track (I can relate to most of the lines on it). I'll Be Gone is as catchy as Lost in the Echo, with really powerful lyrics and vocals by Chester. Now, Castle of Glass coexists with Lost in the Echo as my two favorites on LT, as it has emotional yet easy-listening lyrics and instrumentals, which go nicely with Mike's smooth vocals on the tracks, and Chester provides just as nice vocals later in the song. Victimized is one aggressive, awesome track, with Mike's menacing yet smooth vocals eventually twisting into an impressive rap, not to mention Rob's great drum work, Brad's surprisingly nice guitar and good bass by Phoenix. Chester's screaming is great on the track and works as an exceptional chorus. Roads Untraveled is an odd follow up to Victimized, with ice cream truck sounding chimes in the beginning, with nice piano added, followed by vocals by Mike unlike anything the band has produced before. Chester's vocals are good on the song too, but the line "And if you need a friend/There's a seat here alongside me" makes me oddly emotional when I hear it, which seems to be the song's intended effect. Skin to Bone has nice chemistry between Mike and Chester's vocals, unusual yet cool synth, and an overall unconventional yet awesome song vibe. Until it Breaks may be the most interesting, innovative song I've heard, with trippy synth and mixing of Mike's rapping, a nice yet rather different chorus by Chester, and eventual choir sounding vocals with haunting yet nice lyrics by... Brad?! I was happy to hear him sing on this, and he is quite talented. Best part though, these three very different parts of the song all manage to flow nicely. Lastly, Powerless (preceded by the instrumental Tinfoil) has relatable lyrics provided by Chester via great, emotional vocals; an excellent wrapup to the album. All in all, Living Things is an innovative album with many flowing musical styles unique to Linkin Park, and a theme of addressing personal problems without being depressing, which is one of the many reasons Linkin Park is my favorite band. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the album! -Enigma

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