A friend told me that by posting this it would help me deal with not knowing if one year old Baby boy Cole iz still alive and and if he didn't suffer any permanent damage after being hospitalized on Thursday. I'm dating hiz father and haven't gotten any newz about both of them. so I'm worried sick! Here goez nothing.

Your just a little boy,

who lives in St. foy!

Will you ever play with toyz? 

Oh! Baby boy!

Your daddy can't catch a break!

No wonder he'z full of pain,

especially when he heard the news that day.

The newz that his son might go away.


Oh baby boy!

Will you kiss your daddy again?

And show him your more than a friend.

Will you grow up into a man?

This iz all just very sad.


Your daddy lovez you so!

That it ripped hiz already burnt soul.

just thought someone should know,

That you fill hiz empty holez.


Oh Cole! Don't go!

You must fight through the night!

And that will make it right!

So that one day your daddy might,

Teach you to fly a kite.


What would your daddy do,

If he ever lost you?

Nothing could fill your shoez

And your not even two.


Right now your daddy'z there,

and thought he'z truly scared.

Sickness beware,

'cause papa bear iz here.


Oh Cole! Don't say goodbye!

 Don't go and learn to fly!

This iz no word of a lie!

It would make your daddy die!


He cried for you that day!

But he won't leave your side no way!

There'z no price he wouldn't pay,

to see you run and play.


Daddy lovez you half to death,

something you almost met.

And though your daddy wept,

I know your not there yet.


So I'm sending you both my love

And wish I could give you  hugz

but since your both so far away,

I'll write you this letter today.

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