What to say!!??

 Hats off to Linkin Park again for such a good video, and especially to Joe Hahn, for conveying a beautiful message in the video...

Yes, anybody would sacrifice themselves to bring back their loved ones back... Love is such a powerful emotion that it can cross all barriers and make the impossible possible...

And, as far the song goes, then the lyrics acquire an entire different meaning when viewed with the video and the lyrics themselves come alive..

I'm not the only "authoritative" critic of this video- I'm a just a simple teen-aged fan of this band who happened to interpret his own meanings by seeing it... Disagree-ers are most welcome to present their views and may offer their own interpretations to the world...

 However, if in the future, anyone has to criticize this awesome band on musical and symbolic grounds, then he or she may be shown this video to understand that "there is more than meets the eye"!

 Thank you, LP, for this treat!

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