I know there are A LOT of people saying things like "Linkin Park are Sellouts!" and "I miss the old Linkin Park!" well FYI I used to be one of them. While I will say that I never accused them of "selling out" I did miss the old LP because I didn't think I would ever be able to connect with the new LP. Yes, I will admit the fact that I abandoned them when "Minutes To Midnight" came out because, while the songs on the album weren't all bad, I only had any emotional connections to a few of the songs; the rest just weren't me. So you can understand that I was quite skeptical of even thinking about listening to "A Thousand Suns."


Before I get any more involved this post Id like to point out two things. The first thing is this: I have been a fan of Linkin Park since the beginning, just in case some of the people out there want to reply saying that I only like the new stuff because I haven't heard the old stuff. That would be untrue, and so I will just go ahead and nip the bud off of that weed before it starts getting out of control.The second thing Id like to mention is that the change (which I will explain later) occurred within 5 hours. I literally went to sleep and woke up a new person.


Okay, so the first song that I heard on the album was The Catalyst, and I hated it with a fiery passion. Even now I don't like it as much but it isn't too bad, just repetitive which I don't like.I heard it sometime last month, most likely early December, maybe late late November, and I was even more terrified of listening to ATS and decided that if all the songs were like that, then I would probably never be able to like LP again. Sad thoughts huh? I agree. Luckily for me I had this undying need to see the band live (still haven't yet) and decided that I would go to a show even if they are terrible! Well two weeks later, I go to their Youtube page and just start browsing their vids. Well I don't know if you've been to their page recently bu it has Waiting for the end on auto start, and since I went there almost everyday you can pretty much imagine how many times I heard that song auto-start! e.e" Well after maybe a week of enduring this torture, I decided to listen to the whole song. That's right, I was giving ATS another chance and I do not regret it one bit.


That night I listened to WFTE and loved it. While I still didn't feel emotional attachment to it, I appreciated the song and respected LPs decision to change. After that song I pretty  much listened to the whole album (save for 3 songs) and loved it (This was around 2 or 3 am). After that I fell asleep for about 4 and a half hours. I woke up around 7:30 and put the songs on my PSP so that I could listen to them while I go for my morning walks. And thats when everything changed.


As soon as I listened to WFTE, I heard it in a new light.Listening to that song helped me discover something about myself: I was so afraid of changing that I subconsciously held on to a part of me that died long ago. I had already changed, but I was afraid to acknowledge that fact, the same way I was afraid of accepting the fact that my favourite band had changed. I had been unknowingly holding on to something I no longer had.


The more I listened to the album, the more I began to understand a little more about myself, it was as if they had written this album for me, but at the same time, and only for a brief moment I began to feel alone, lost and confused, not sure of what road to take from this point on. Even now I don't know which direction to go, I just know that my path is not here in my hometown. After listening to Waiting For The End (on repeat) I felt this need to cry, not out of sadness really it just felt as if I was losing something, because I was: my old self. I felt fresh and new and open. And after awhile I remembered that I was not alone, because even if no one in my hometown can understand what I'm feeling, I know that Linkin Park and a lot of their fans understand.


So, I am typing all of this to say one important thing: I am back! I was a lost sheep, but Ive found the way! And for all of you out there, wherever you may be, who are just like I used to be please do not be afraid of change, whether that change comes from within you or a band that you like. Change is what moves us forward. You will never, and I do mean never, find true happiness if you never learn to grow. If you are a fan of old school Linkin Park and have not really given the new LP a chance because you are skeptical of their new sound, or if The Catalyst turned you away, dont be afraid of giving them another chance. After all, you opened your mind and let them in before, so is this really any different from what you did when the band first came out?


To all of those stubborn few who wont own up to the fact that you have not changed and instead insist on calling LP sellouts, please just stop and think about that claim logically. If LP did sell out, then why didnt they just make another Meteora or Hybrid Theory? Why go the extra mile, risk alienating nearly half their fanbase, only to gain less than half of what they lost by changing and getting out of their comfort zone? Listen, Im sorry if you feel as if they left you behind, but isnt that how a lot of your old friends felt when you changed yourself and became a better person? I understand that you may not be in the same place as LP or even me for that matter, but blaming them for becoming something better than what they used to be just because you aren't in the same place right now is not fair.Becoming a better person is NOT a bad thing, so why is it that when Linkin Park does it its called selling out?


I'm not downing you guys because of the fact that you haven't changed, not at all, but I do think its wrong to down LP because they have. If you don't get it, then you don't get it, and if you like the old LP then listen to the old LP. Just be more honest about why you don't like the new LP. Its not because they've sold out, but rather, it is because you don't connect with the new music. ^^

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