one day we were here on this earth...we were divided.....were stucking alone in the zone of life ..time u were here and i was there..suddenly the fate decided to care..suddenly i found you knocking my life door...i loved you and you loved me and we wanted nothing more ..that was all we asked from fate and time but nothing one did understand ..our love was just a crime...and the judge wasent fair...passion was executed in a court of fear from any innoucent love but if the judge would have heard but true love to their hearts isnt deared...heaven is crying and hell is calling one is crying for your seperated soul and hell is calling to take my lonely soul ..when we will meet i dont know if hell was for lovers then i will never make you are my love in heaven there living in lovely dreams and i am in hell shutting my screams...there is never regrets for a good love because our hearts are are written everywhere inside two new hearts holding our love charts...

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