I've been reading different websites where people have reviewed Linkin Park's latest album - and it pisses me off.

The amount of 'what happened to the Hybrid Theory format?' I've read, it's so frustrating!
I remember when Meteora was released - everyone was asking 'why have they reproduced Hybrid Theory?' and now it's the same people who want that old format back. Make up your mind. Lol.

I think the annoying thing is that these people just don't realise - being a musician is like being self-employed, in a way, and as a person grows and changes, so does their business layout/product.

Linkin Park are people who are growing as a band as well as individuals. Changes are bound to happen!

Do I like the new album? Yes.
Did I like it instantly? No... it took a few listens.
Do I prefer past albums? Yes... but that doesn't mean I don't like how it sounds, and no doubt in a couple years when they release a new album, I'll be comparing it to this one.

If people don't like a new album because it's different then think about this: If they all sounded exactly the same...wouldn't you eventually get bored? You'd know, too much, what to expect.
It's like the Groove Armada song lyrics: 'If everybody looked the same, we get tired of looking at each other'. The same thing applies to this scenario.

I guess I'm ranting... I'm just trying to make sense of it, to myself, that music changes and if you love Hybrid Theory so much, then ignore the new music.
I'm glad the band are trying new things - it keeps a sense of excitement and interest in what they're gonna produce next.

Personally - I'm still getting used to A Thousand Suns... but so far, I like what I hear. I only have two issues - one that I had when listening to Reanimation and one that I had when listening to Minutes To Midnight, but I'm sure I'll get over them, in time.

Kudos to Linkin Park on A Thousand Suns.
I can't wait to hear what they'll try, next.


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