This is the first ever blog i am writing. so obviously it be will about linkin park's albums, what i feel about them. when i was 7 the first LP album came out! when i was twelve i heard my 1st LP song (Points of authority,Reanimation) i was crazy about that song. at first i had no idea who was the artist! then i got my laptop later in 2007 when M2M was out. i liked the song given up a lot! till today i've got each and every song from each and every album. Hybrid theory (EP) Hybrid theory, reanimation, meteora collision course M2M ATS. even all underground EP's 1-11. i like linkin park music because of their matured lyrics! and rap rock genre! 

From my point of view each and every album is a hit! i would like to say what i feel about the albums by writing down. 

Hybrid Theory: first lp album a great one also! was certified diamond by RIAA. the genre with they started with was basically rap rock and alternative with heavy chester bennington voice and mike shinoda's rap and it turned out to be a success for them! with their 1st album they were recognized and followed all over the globe!! 

Meteora: One more chart topping album and a great music by LP especially Numb. it had 5 singles which reached no.1 on billboard rock charts! An Achievement never done by any rock act! HT and meteora never sounded similar to me i have heard people saying it sounds similar! i said because they are doing a good job making songs in that genre! they are known because of their intense lyrics and music! they have a good sense of music they know what they are doing! People said there was too much of rap rock! they moved on from listening these type of music they said it died in 2001! but they proved the critics wrong !

in their next album the quality was very good the were in the studio they worked for almost 4 years ! for their 3rd studio album!

Minutes To Midnight:  it was the 3rd studio album by LP and it was very different ftom ht an meteora . Mike Shinoda showed hi skills as a vocalist! in songs such as Hands Held High, In Between and No roads left. From what i have heard and read LP's Lead Guitarist  Brad Delson was asked or forced toshow his skills as a guitarist! He added Guitar solos and Riffs in few songs! like Shadow of the day, The Little Things give you away, no more sorrow, what i've done and especially in pieces! guitar work was phenomenal absolutely stunning! But still it was not as successful as first two albums!  Few people said Mike Shinoda should have added more vocals! And i guess they heard it! :P 

A Thousand Suns: In an interview Chester said that people will not be able to know about the album! about the sound! They had heavily experimented in this album! As the first single came out The Catalyst,it was very different and the album was heavily critisized although it was commercially successful! Surprisingly Mike Shinoda was heard more! and his abilities as a vocalist was heard! they experimented Gang Vocals which worked out for them! in songs like iridescent, waiting for the end, the catalyst... maybe the whole album had vocals from all the members. But the main problem with the record was that guitar was kept at back! Synthesizer and artificial sound was there in most of the songs!! which did back fire! it has mixed reviews from people and different magazines! There were only one quality song which was a success on charts was Waiting For The End. there musical sense was broaden and they had an idea what they are doing! 

Overall: I think linkin park should write music for people not against them... or go Political. put guitars on first! 

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