LP at Madison Square Garden 08' (part 2 of 3)

(Note about this blog: I'm going to be releasing a series of blogs, this is part 2 of 3, about the 1st Madison Square Garden show in 2008 leading up to my review of MSG show #2 taking place on Feb. 4th-5th 2010, so stay tuned here and LPAssociation.com for more.)


Once you get inside MSG, it's kind of magical.  Not like Disney magical, but you kinda get a sense of the history that's been taken here. (After all this IS where they had the first wrestlemania, almost every NY sports team has been here at least once, the Beatles, Bon Jovi, John Lennon's final concert, the list goes on!)  When you first walk into the Garden the first thing you notice is the ceiling, yes the ceiling.  You look up at it and it's just amazing to stare at.  I think that's when it hits you, that your a building full of history.


photo by Ludovic Bertron via Flickr

So finally the show is about to begin.  Leading off to start was Chiodos, a relatively new band invite to perform on tour.  Which actually quite good.  I hadn't listened to them prior to the show so I didn't know what to expect.  They were pretty cool.


Next in the lineup was Coheed and Cambria.  While Chiodos had their set replaced with Coheeds, some huge drunk turd squeezed he way in between me and another dude who I was talking with while the pit filled up.  This guy was like Barney Gumble from the Simpsons, way to drunk to stand and seeing stuff in his head, god only knows what was in there.  He was screaming at some girls across the barrier and pointed at a 12 year old and said 'come here' like he was possessed.  I wanted the dude gone, so while hanging on the gate covering half my face I motioned to a security guard that this dude is completely wasted.


He just shook his head yes and watched him. Sigh.....


So now Coheed was up.  I was familiar with Coheed months prior to the show.  They were awesome, yet every time I took a photo of Michael Todd, bassist, his eyes always came out evil looking.  Chris Pennie, drummer, is local to where I'm from.  He was part of a band called the Dillenger Escape Plan.  If you've never seen Chris play drums, look him up on youtube, he plays some insanely hard stuff.  When it came time for them to perform 'Welcome Home' Claudio was nice enough to jump in front of my camera to record the solo.  That was freakin' sweet.


You can watch the solo here:



When Coheed finished the place went nuts.  I wouldn't mind seeing them again if I got the chance.  Finally it was time for the stage crew to set everything up for Linkin Park.  Fat and Drunky was still next to me.  The place was really packed now, you turn around and it's just a sea of people.  From the floor it's amazing to see just how many people a venue holds.  While everyone waits, the curtain goes up, sound checks are being made, you hear Brad and Phoenix's guitars and basses being checked and tuned, Rob's drums are going through one final check and the clock finally hits 9 PM.


Madison Square Garden goes completely dark and before you know it...No More Sorrow begins to play...

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