Too many emotions tonight.


They were absolutely amazing, I wish I would have gone. I had a couple of friends who went that called me while they were performing and I was glad they did!


They performed almost all of A Thousand Suns which is my favorite Linkin Park CD. I love Hybrid Theorybecause that started it all for me, but A Thousand Sunsmade me fall in love with them all over again after 10 years.


It’s safe to say, I cried when they played Waiting For The End and In The End because those are my favorite songs from them and they mean a whole lot to me. I wish LP knew how much their music means to us fans and I hope I have the pleasure to explain exactly ‘how much’ when I meet them in person.


I’d like to send a message to my girls Diosce, Kelsey, and Autumn (and many others!) who were liveblogging it with me. I cannot wait until we go see them for ourselves. I’m pretty sure we’ll all die of heart attacks, but I for one, CANNOT WAIT. <3.

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