"Is it a bird?"

"Is it a plane?"

No! It's the butterflies I get every time I log into my LPU account!

It's the feeling of happiness when I see the little LP video on the home screen that reminds me in a few short months I will be able to for fill my wish of finally seeing my favorite band in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD ... LIVE!!!

Their pictures running along the top of my screen,
gets me exited, makes me wanna scream!

Here is the story leading up to my first show
LP is coming, now wonder it snowed!

It was a Monday when I heard they are coming to SA
I was so exited; I couldn't keep my tears at bay!

After that came three days of stress
hoping to get my golden ticket, I had to have the best 

Exiting three months I have to wait
for the 10th of Nov as it's their JHB date

I hope I'll get to meet and greet,
the thought alone makes my heart skip a beat

As motivation I wish I could let them know,
that It's my birthday three days before the show

How amazing will it be to see my favorite band
after 12 years I have that ticket firmly in my hand

I've obsessed and dreamed that I would finally meet,
the band that now makes my bucket list complete

To attend their shows, is what I always wanted to do 
I feel like a kid, it's ultimate dream come true

All I have left now is to wait...
for my all important 10th Nov date

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