Hi everyone!

I'm currently working on a 3D project for my final year at Uni and I need your help. I have to sculpt a well-known person, basically it has to be a realistic 3D portrait. After hours of elimination I have decided to model Mike Shinoda. The problem is I cannot find close-up pictures of Mike, that would be good enough to show as much of facial detail as possible. 

I have a couple of picts taken by me at M&Gs, and a few from google etc., but I need more reference images to get it highly detailed. I need all possible angles, preferably front and side, but everything you may have would be a great help to me!

If you have Mike's face close-up picts you could share with me, I would be grateful for your help. You can either sent them to me here on my profile, or email me at


If you could alert those you think might have some good photos of Mike, please do so.

All I need are the pictures so please do not send me any junk. 

This is a very big project and I really need all Linkin Park fans to respond!

Big thank you!



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