LP live in Athens 21.07.09 ---> One year after

Today it's the 1 year anniversary of LP's second concert here in Greece. There are so many memories from that day. It was without a doubt the second awesomest day of my life (with the first being June 25th 2008). Since it's the anniversary today, I figured to share with you guys everything that happened that day. It goes like this:


"After seeing Linkin Parklive on June 25th 2008 I couldn’t ask for something more because that was everything for me. A dream came true that day.

To tell the truth I didn’t expect them to come again the next year but on March 16th 2009 it was official! LP were coming again in Greece
for the second time in a row! I was so excited! I couldn’t believe it! I immediately
bought my ticket through the LPU pre-sale. Now all I had to do was wait till
July 21
st 2009! How was I supposed to wait 4 months?

Everyone was so excited. Especially us, the kids who were in the LPU, because we had a second chance for the m&g. Anyways, we decided to make something for LP and give
it to them in the m&g. A kid came up with the best idea ever! She made a
red book like the one described in “Hands Held High” and at the back we wrote
the line “when the rich wage war is the poor who die”. In it we added some
drawings we’ve done and our letters to LP. It turned out really good!

The day had finally come! The whole day was a blast! In the morning some kids from the LPU and LPN met at the Acropolis in order to put the drawings on the book and maybe, if we were lucky enough, bump into LP while
visiting the new museum of the Acropolis. Well yeah we didn’t see them but we
had an awesome time! We were there for about 4 hours talking about LP, the
upcoming concert and other stuff.

At about 4.45pm me and some friends met at the train station to take the bus that would lead us to Terra Vibe Park. In the bus everyone was listening to LP music and was talking about the concert and how awesome it’ll be.

It was 6pm when we arrived at the concert area. We rushed to the official merch booth to get our MFR bandana and the special cd that would allow us to download the concert. But before that we met with our
friends from the LPU, the lucky ones who got the m&g pass, in order to give
them the book to pass it to LP.

Time was passing by and it was 7.50pm. It was really crowded, especially where we were, in the 3rd row. Funeral for a Friend, the opening act got on stage and started performing. They were really
good! Way better than last year’s opening act. They did a great work preparing
the audience for LP.

The sun went down and the lights went off. Joe Hahn was the first one to enter the stage. “Session” and “Given Up” were the best songs ever for opening the concert. The fans went crazy! I remember me and my
friends found ourselves caught up in pits all the time. It was amazing! “From
The Inside”, “No More Sorrow”, “Somewhere I Belong” and “Lying From You”
followed. Before “Points Of Authority” Mike said that the kids in the m&g
asked them to play “A Place For My Head” so he dedicated it to the LPU by
shouting “LPU” as loud as he could! I was so excited at that point that I
screamed and as Mike was in front of me, he saw me and pointed at me. I was so
happy! Then he rapped the first verse of “A Place For My Head” over the intro
and at the outro he rapped “Petrified”. After that, songs like “Numb”, “What
I’ve Done” and “Leave Out All The Rest” where played. “Breaking The Habit” had
a new piano intro and as the song started the crowd started clapping and
clapping faster and faster and Mike followed when suddenly he slowed down and
stopped and we were still clapping! It was so cool! He had a big smile in his
face! He tricked us. After “Shadow Of The Day”, Mike asked us to be quite and
he started singing the first verse of “Hands Held High” over the intro of
“Crawling”, reanimation style. Like always, he raised the microphone in the air
and let us sing! It was amazing! During “In The End” you could hardly hear
Chester and Mike’s voice
because we were singing as loud as we could! It was pretty dope! You could see
in LP’s faces happiness and a wide smile. They really enjoyed the show.

And finally it was time for Rob’s drum solo! He drummed for about 2 minutes before “Bleed It Out”. He was so cool. His hair was waving and you could see how fast he hit the drums. It was a pretty awesome
feeling. The last songs that followed and beluaded the audience the most were
“New Divide”, “Faint” and “One Step Closer”. During these songs the whole crowd
was jumping up and down along with
and the guys! Band and fans were one! You could feel their energy. It was

After 18 songs and about 90 minutes on stage, they all said goodnight and left the stage except Chaz, who wanted to show us his love. He gave us a big kiss and then he left. It was a hell of a night. I’ll never
forget it, like last year’s concert. Seeing LP live is a must. That’s all I
have to say."



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