My first LPU-membership started with LPU 2.0.

I remember finding one of the LPU-flyers, which were inside the Hybrid Theory or the Meteora CD.

I read through it, and already having been a great LP fan since Hybrid Theory I definitely wanted to be part of LP Underground. I really had to convince my parents to sign me up, because I had no credit card of my own. I was lucky, it worked out.

I have to say, back then, being a member of LPU was very special for me. It was a time when in Germany  (where I live) LP were not that popular as they are today. At least that's how I it seems to me. You didn't quite hear them a lot on "mainstream" radio. Joining the fan club somehow brought me nearer to the band I admired so much and didn't really expect to see live ever. I could share my feelings with other LP fans all around the world via the members-only messageboard. I spent a lot of time there.

I remember how I kept watching for the postman every day, hoping he might deliver my package. It took about six weeks and finally it was there. I was very excited. There even was a photo inside which was signed by the whole band which still hangs on one door of my wardrobe in my room at my parent's house until today. I was really proud of that. Most of all I was curious about the songs on the LPU CD, which only LPUers might be able to listen to (back then the internet wasn't quite the same as it is today ;-), I really felt "special" at that very moment ;-) ). Until today I like this LPU CD most. Thinking of songs like "My december", "Dedicated" and a live version of "High Voltage"... I just loved those songs.


Since I didn't attend a show in that time, I can't share a moment like an M&G as the most memorable moment of that year. So quite being a member at all and the arrival of the package probably is the most memorable moment. Please read on in my blog about LPU 3.0.

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