After having been an LPU member for 1 year I also signed up for LPU 3.0.


Again I got a package and I was so happy when I saw what was on the LPU 3.0 CD ;-).

I already had the "Live in Texas" CD and DVD and I remember loving the DVD but being a little bit disappointed about the live CD. Why? Because not the entire show was on the CD, some songs were missing. Most of all I missed the live version of "A place for my head". Well, as most of you might know, the missing songs wer on the LPU 3.0 CD. Now I had them all! That was quite awesome!!!


Thinking of a memorable moment from that year this comes to my mind:


I think of one thing I did together with a lot of LPUers from Germany who had contact via the LPU message board. I remember LP coming to the festival "Rock am Ring" or/and "Rock im Park". I couldn't attend that concert but months before that date one member of LPU, who would be able to attend, had a great idea. So a lot of the German LPUers worked on a photoalbum, which that member would give to the band if being chosen to go to the M&G before that show. Everybody could choose the song he liked most and write something about it (a story, personal feelings etc.) or take photos or whatever. I remember writing my story about "Breaking the habit" - as the song I could relate most to - and taking photos which related to some lines of the lyrics. I sent that to the member who had the idea and she collected those things from everyone who joined our "mission". We could tell her how to design the pages in the photoalbum with our stuff we sent her, and so she did. And yes, she really could go to the M&G and could present LP with our gift. And then she told us via the messageboard about her experience at the M&G. It meant a lot to me. I couldn't go to the show/M&G and yet I was so happy because a part of my thoughts and those of the other fans were handed over to LP with the photoalbum.

I think it was a great idea and I'm happy we as a community could realize something like that. It's something I would never have experienced if I hadn't joined LPU.

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