After some years without the LPU (first of all beacause I didn't find anyone with a creditcard...) I came back, when I heard Linkin Park will be touring in Germany in 2010.

It would be my first show ever because somehow I never could attend before, despite being a great fan since the beginnigs of Hybrid Theory. And I always stayed a fan in the time between.

So before the tickets went on sale I decided to go to the show in Hamburg as my favourite German City. And that was when I first thought of returning to the Underground, because this time would be my first real chance for an M&G. And I also wanted to have the advatage of presale tickets.

There still were a lot of months to the show and actually I never really thought I would be chosen for the M&G in the end. I was just happy to have the chance. After some time I read in the messageboard how such an M&G will be organized and what I have to do to probably get there. When there were only a few days left and I had read a lot of how much people would perhaps get to an M&G I thought my odds are probably not that bad. But still no e-mail showed up.

It was the day before the show when I got too curious while being at work and took 2 minutes to check my mails. And there it was. I really could go there! I was overwhelmed by that and couldn't really concentrate on my work for the rest of the day. It was hard to believe that after almost 10 years of being a fan I finally got to go to my very first LP concert and then within one day I also would actually meet the band. The only thing I could think about was what the hell I'm taking to be signed.

The next day I left my home very early because Hamburg is quite some hundred kilometres away. I would meet there with a long friend of mine, who also had been chosen for the M&G! We couldn't be much happier.
Only one thing I didn't like. It was the fact, that the mail with the concrete meeting location and time came so late on that day. With my having to leave so early and not having a smart phone I probably wouldn't have known at all when it wasn't for my concert buddy who has an I-Phone.


Well the time before the M&G was complete chaos. I wanted to go there as soon as possible, because I didn't know the venue and I still had to get there from my hotel and yes: my concert buddy was trapped in several traffic jams (he lives totally not where I live) and with every call, that it might take one more hour I got completely crazy. I was afraid of missing my chance.

He arrived in the last minutes I should say... we still got to get to the venue by subway and when we got there, there were already hundreds of people waiting to get inside the building. We didn't know how to get inside very soon, because the meeting would be in 15 minutes. We asked everyone who looked at least a bit like a staff member and finally found someone who told us we also have to wait here and they might be waiting for us. Well, I wasn't quite relieved until we really got in, found the meeting point on time and actually were waiting there for about another 30 minutes. Quite a lot people came later. We met Cory and Maurice and Hugo from the LP staff and had quite a good time. Then it was time to go to the undergounds of the building (which was quite fitting for LPUers ;-)) and there we had to queue and wait before another door. Then I really started realizing what would actually happen now. Then the door went open, I remember seeing Joe at first and when I finally got in and in front of the band I was so happy, I wasn't able to say a lot, it was just an hello and thank you and I guess the biggest smile in the world. I tried to capture that moment and not saying something stupid ( I shouldn't have worried: I guess I lost the entire English language at that moment). And that's how I met and passed the band I had admired for such a long time. We took group photos and it was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe this for another 2 weeks I guess... and it still seems to be so unreal; every time when I see them on television I can't believe I actually met them face to face.


The show afterwards was amazing and it couldn't have been any better. It made me breathless, I screamd every song.


Afterwards some people came to us asking because of our "M&G passes", what it meant, and if we  had any "advantages" because of that pass. I remember telling them..."Well... we met the band, they signed my album, we talked, took photos...nothing special"... They were looking at me as if I were completely nuts.. but I was just too proud ;-) I hope some day I can experience that again... if not, I'm so happy to having been chosen to experince something like that at all.



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