LPU 6.0 - My first year of the LPU (Blog post 1)

Let me start off by saying that it's really a shame it took me until LPU 6.0 to become an LPU member. I had wanted to be a part of the LPU community since LPU 2.0, but unlike Linkin Park, I was pretty behind the curve when it came to the internet. Not only that, but I was still a tad young at the time, and thus reliant on my parents to use their credit cards over the internet (an idea they were not too thrilled with).


However, LPU6 marked the first time that membership packages were being offered in stores (at Best Buy). This meant no need to "risk" credit card numbers online, and just generally made it easier on people who were not very computer-saavy, such as myself. It also allowed me to get the promotional merch into my hands right away, as opposed to waiting for it to ship in the mail. 


This brings me to one of the most special aspects of LPU6: the CD. Earlier in the year, Linkin Park had played a short string of shows in Japan. The Summer Sonic 06 show has become one of the most talked about Linkin Park performances among fans. In a moment of the old meeting the new, not only did Linkin Park play "Reading My Eyes," an old Xero demo, but they also debuted a new song, called "Qwerty." Live recordings of both songs, as well as a few others from Summer Sonic, a new instrumental called "Announcement Service Public," and an exclusive studio demo of Qwerty all were included on the LPU6 CD. This was an exciting moment for LP fans, as it had been quite a while since we had gotten any new Linkin Park material, and LPU6 definitely seemed like it brought a renewed sense of excitement to the fanbase in preparation for the band's 3rd studio album, Minutes To Midnight. 


As this was my first real experience with the LPU, I can say I was very pleased by all of the fan activity on the message boards, as well as the exclusive content. Not only was there the CD, but also the LPUTV episodes. I remember spending a good hour or two going through and watching everything there was to see. All of this, plus the occasional chat with a band member, made the LPU well worth the money spent. I was definitely kicking myself for not having joined sooner. 

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