i am trying to get my rapping down, and I have yet to come up with a consistent verse to work with a chorus that sounds really sick I made up about a year ago now. If you could tell me what you think or any tips to improve it, that would be awesome. Thanks!

btw, the verse is just a freestyle at this point.

[Verse] Look me in the eyes, can you even try to counter your lies? You've buried yourself into this hole for us and now you want me to fix it. I've tried to bear the burden for this, and now I'm saying "fuck this."

[Chorus-Screamed] You try and fight me, you try and conquer me! You try and get away with all the bullshit you're saying! But now it's over, and now I see right through you! And now I'm telling you...!

[Notes] Like I said, i think the chorus is far more powerful than anything I have made up to match it. I was hoping this was a reasonably close springboard, ya know? I wanna be able to rap this track, but I'm not afraid to scream it though. lol.

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