As a long time fan of Linkin Park - it was great to finally realize they had a international fanclub! I joined the LPU during the 4.0 period - and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. 

Linkin Park in and of itself has meant a lot to me throughout my youth.  I was only 11 when Hybrid Theory came out, and as I went through my teenage years, I grew with them and found a happiness and outlet through their music that was unmatched by anyone else. I am a disabled person, and found Linkin Park to be a place of home during years of severe depression.

I didn't get internet however until LPU 4.0 and once I had it, I knew I had to be a part of a community where my love of the band would be shared. I remember going to the website and viewing the contents of the package and being completely shocked.  The CD was amazing, the t-shirt design and stickers were awesome, and when I saw there was a message board/video system I was needlessly said, dumbfounded.

I waited patiently for 6-8 weeks for the package, but during the wait period - I explored the message boards. It was there that I was finally put into the Linkin Park Fan Community.  I made some great new friends, and took part in many great LP related events.  I remember sharing how LP saved my life...and was greeted with an overwhelming response of support.  And I was told at one point, Mike Shinoda had read my letter.  Which was the best moment of my life (until I met him in 2007!)

When I got the package I remember sporting that T-shirt everywhere I went. Representing the Hardcore LP fans.  I swear I must have made that CD skip after playing it so many times. It had amazing live performances, and songs like Standing In The Middle shocked me with how cool it was. It was an exclusive intimate club, that I was a part of. LP was that much closer, and it made me love them so much more.

 When my time ran out I eventually did renew until LPU 7. Then fiances became a problem and I no longer can afford it. However - nothing will ever beat LPU 4.0 - my first year, the welcome year.  The amazing feeling and friends I made have lasted years. And I am a Linkin Park fan till death. 


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