Phoenix will be video chatting exclusively with LPU members on Wednesday, January 11 at 2pm PST in the LPU chat room. If you're not a member, now's a great time to join so you can take part in the chat. Visit

Time and date subject to change.

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Comment by laura on January 8, 2012 at 2:05pm


Comment by Lucia Augustovičová on January 8, 2012 at 1:22pm

I'm looking forward to join :)

Comment by Florian Popp on January 8, 2012 at 12:20pm

it's great that you take time with your LPU members and unforunatly I'm not a member

but could you pleace do a live chat on Ustream like Mike did. I've only seen the recorded ones and I wait now 1 1/2 YEARS!! for a real live chat.

But pleace on a right time 'cause I live in germany :)

Keep up rocking guys!

Comment by nitesh sinha on January 8, 2012 at 4:38am

i m so lucky that i m member of ur site

Comment by Amy Padilla on January 8, 2012 at 12:43am

i'm always somewhere else when they have a chat. im also going to be in school during the Phoenix chat... damn... Well, if its really long i might just be able to catch the end :)

Comment by Elizabeth Pioquinto on January 7, 2012 at 9:41pm

thats a really nice pic of phoenix :)

Comment by Gus Young on January 7, 2012 at 8:15pm

follow me! @GusYoung_

Comment by nikoshinoda on January 7, 2012 at 7:58pm

wowwww... i wanna chat wz my LP's all pls pls pls _/\_

Comment by Nico nico ^w^ on January 7, 2012 at 4:47pm

awwwn how lucky u and all r.... >.< damn i need money!!!! hahah lol!

Comment by Zoe Ong on January 7, 2012 at 4:10pm

Awesome!! Can't wait! Now I'm glad I joined LPU'11 :)

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