I had been a Linkin Park fan since the release of Meteora but finally managed to joined the LPU around the end of LPU7. Joining the LPU meant something to me; I felt like I was closer to the band (in a way) and closer to the most hardcore fans. Plus all the opportunities the LPU offered were amazing. Just thinking about meeting the band one day made me super excited. 


When my LPU8 package arrived I was pretty ... surprised to listen to the cd. Those super weird and funny songs were EPIC. I still find myself at times singing "Bubbles, bubbles, I wish my name was bubbles...." and so on or "I ain't gonna do no laundry". Taking the risk to release such songs on an underground cd was huge but totally worth it. At least I loved it. It was new and unique. 


Later on, as time passed by, I started being more active on the site. It was great to chat will all those people and especially the ones I was talking on the LP.com site as well. It also seemed like a great opportunity to do some Street Team work as well.


Favorite memory from the LPU8 era? The Mike Shinoda chat. Why? Because he stayed on for like 3 hours chatting and chatting and answering to all questions. He actually passed through the whole alphabet twice! It was then when I first got a reply to any of my questions in a band chat. Felt pretty great. And I consider the band chats one of the greatest opportunities the LPU gives us. So thanks LPU, for everything. 

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