I wasn't a member of the LPU during the first 8 years because I was too young, I didn't have enough money, and also because my English wasn't too good. (English isn't my native language) I wanted to join LPU for quite a long time, though. In spring of 2010, there was a survey that I filled out and few weeks later I got a trial membership of LPU.


What I really loved about LPU9 were the songs of the CD. I just love listening to unreleased demos, because they show me what Linkin Park have been working on but haven't yet put on an album. I really enjoyed having a personal site, blog there. It's a big shame that LPUX doesn't have it anymore (from what I've heard)LPU*TV episodes were also great to watch, not to mention the news, giveaways that happen in LPU were great as well. During the short period of time when I was a member of LP Underground there weren't any band member chats (oh the irony) but I enjoyed chatting with some LPUers :)


Downside of LPU was that there aren't often band member chats. But that is understandable because the guys don't have too much time for frequent chats.


I'd say this was my favorite LPU year because I was part of it.






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