LPU Years In Review - LPU9 (My favorite year)

The LPU9 means a lot to me. It was the year that the most amazing things happened but let's take it from the beginning. 


The package was great, the t-shirt design was pretty dope with the headphones and all and the cd was awesome. Being able to get your hands on demos like those was simply wonderful. What made the LPU9 my favorite year though was the fact that we, the Greek LPUers, managed to finally meet! 


It all started around April 1st when Linkin Park's second concert in Greece was announced. We were all going crazy. The moment the concert page went up on the site, we rushed in there and basically transformed it to something like a chat. By the time of the concert (which was July 21st) we had around 82.000 comments made by like 10-15 people only. Among the things we were talking about, we had this idea of making something special for the guys and give it to them at the concert, in case some of us won meet and greet passes. We decided to make a book; a book similar to the one described in Hands Held High...red covered with the quote "When the rich wage war is the poor who die" and fill it with our drawings and letters. Long story short, the day of the concert arrived and we all decided to go together. It was the first time we met. We actually met early in the morning to add the last details on the book and give it to the guys that got the meet and greet passes and later on we went to the concert together. Needless to say we were there together in front rows jumping up and down and singing our lungs out. We felt like a family. It was amazing. 


LPU9 was also the year I was more active on the chat room. Some users and I actually had formed this little gang and we basically chatted there everyday in the evenings. It was crazy.


Overall, LPU9 is my favorite LPU year so far because I had the opportunity to meet my LPU buddies and since then, we tend to have our own little summits from times to times. Without the LPU we probably never had met each other so this year really means a lot. Having someone who shares the same love and passion for a band is more than awesome.



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