LPUX marked a brand new era for the Underground. A lot of changes, many new stuff to look forward to and a whole new design.


To tell the truth I wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to renew my membership to LPUX. The price was way too high comparing to the previous years and, at first, it basically only had all the online privileges (chats, m&g passes, etc) but no package and no site at all. Nevertheless, I decided to renew and whatever happened, happened. 


The first half of the new LPU year was disappointing. The old site with the message boards, the profiles of each one of us, the store, the chat, LPUTV were missing. We basically had payed 60$ for just the summits, which we weren't sure where they're gonna take place and a chance for a m&g. It didn't take long though for things to change. 


What we've been hearing from Adam at LPUHQ and what Mike had blogged about regarding the new enhancements were finally here. A new site with the a brand new VIDEO capable chat room, a new LPU cd, monthly giveaways, a package which included the LPUX t-shirt, a mobile case, a singed drawing of the one and only Mike Shinoda and of course discounts for Club Tattoo and Suru. The best part? The guys handled all the shipping costs :D Plus, we got back all of the LPUTV episodes starting from LPU 1.0 and not that just! We got the privilege of being able to download all LPTV episodes to date! 


Besides all these goodies, LPUX is really special because it marked the beginning of the International Summits. What's better than spending a whole day, maybe two at some cases, with your fellow LPU members and the band? Walking the stage, playing their instruments, going on backstage tours, witness acoustic sessions just for the ones attending and having the chance to win all shorts of stuff like guitars from the music videos, signed lyrics sheets, official plaques, backstage viewing of the show and more? Personally I don't know any other band that does that for its fans and I really appreciate it. 


In conclusion, all these years I've been an LPU member, I've never actually won a m&g pass to any of the shows I've attended, I wasn't able to attend any of the Summits so far, I never won anything on the giveaways but I'll never stop renewing my membership for as long as I can afford it because the LPU is a special little community, family I may say, that brings us even closer to the band and, for me at least, it gives me that feeling of someday I'll be able to meet the guys and everyone I've been chatting through the years in the chat room and the message boards. LPU was, is and will continue to be special for me no matter what. Thanks LPU, for everything.

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