First I'll share my story. Then I'll give you the good and bad things about LPUX... sorry if my English sucks a bit, but I hope you'll understand =)


I joined the LPU this year on June 19 (Also used to be an active member since LPU5 - LPU8 but couldn't keep renewing because of payment troubles/lack of creditcard) 


Right before I joined LPUX I was stressing a lot about having an LPU membership just in time, because I was about to see the band at Rock Werchter (festival in Belgium, I'm from Belgium btw) That was the first time LP was coming to Belgium in 10 years (!) and I was dying to meet them! Luckily I could convince my dad to use his creditcard for once (because I'm not able to get a creditcard myself. You need a certain amount of income every month, and for me, as a student here, it's impossible yet) and I joined the 19th (like I said) I still remember that day very much: I was really confused with the website and fact that the LPU doesn't have its own website like it used to (even a lack of its own message board) and just is linked to I was figuring out a way to get in the chat (now I know: keep refreshing till the page loads!)... I finally got in. It felt so nice to meet other LP fans, and good to know we all always have one thing in common. I'm really glad that it's become a video chat as well. It's great to have the ability to see the people you're chatting with. 


I remember stressing a lot (again, when I'm very excited about something I can get very stressy as well =p) about being selected for the M&G. I can imagine I annoyed LPU friends with constantly worrying and talking about it (promise I won't do that again next time! =p). But eventually I got selected five days before the show.. I was kinda flipping at the time (who wouldn't!). Was also thinking about giving the band a gift. First of all I would like to give something to Mike (he's my favorite =p) So I started to make a little book for him, with most of all paintings (it had been years since I painted again, so I was having a difficult time, besides the very limited time...think I start the last two days). For the whole band I bought a nice card (with sweet text) I still had to write something on the card, I did it at the venue during volunteering (Music For Relief). An LPU friend of me gave me the idea to let fans write their names on the card. So we ran around the festival terrain to collect Belgian LP fans' signatures, eventually the card got filled with names.


The big moment: It was an incredible day! Mostly thanks to LPU for the Meet&Greet experience =D Met the band members, had a chance to talk to them, even a group photo. I remember it like it was yesterday: Phoenix was first, Hugo (great guy) told him we had been volunteering for MFR that day, so he asked me how it went... I think I responded, and gave him the card and told him about it... I think he liked it. Then there was Brad, said hi and shook his hand, also asked him if they could play my favorite song. He told me I had to ask Mike... Ok next one was Joe, told him something about his new look =p, he was really nice as well. Then Chester, smiled at me so sweet! Couldn't think of anything else than saying "How are you". Then I got to Mike: telling him the question I asked Brad as well, couldn't properly hear his answer because I was focusing on giving him the book I made, I think he liked it, I saw him looking at it with a smile when I reached to Rob. Rob was already done signing when I got to him. He told me as well. All I could say was thank you! Then I left Rob with my huge signed MFR banner =D I had a quick look at Mike that moment, sawing him showing my little book to Chester with a laugh (think something was funny about it) Then the group photo, the thing I didn't like that much about it was that it was too quick. I would wanted to change my position (was standing with my face behind Mike's shoulder -see photo above-)... But it's been a very amazing experience for me!


We all know the price for a membership is higher than ever before but below I wrote down what I think the good & bad things are about this year's LPU:



Improved Meet&Greets (No pics allowed during signing is a very good idea!)

Video chat (being able to see the people when you're talking)

Band chats (and random Mike chats) more often and on cam!

LPU summits (would love to go to one, someday)

Monthly giveaways (so exciting!)



CD no longer included in package (hard for me to buy them online, without creditcard)

Not having its own website anymore 


Overall GOOD about being in the LPU:

The community within the LPU, the LP family...

Meet&Greet opportunities

Easier to interact with band members, in chats...

The packages (So exciting when you finally get them in your mail!)


The GOOD-list beats the BAD-list easily if you ask me. So I'm very glad with this years LPU, and I hope it will get better every year. (And I'll try to figure out a way to keep renewing)


Much Love!

An (anvanoppens)

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