I used to be in LPU but when LPUX came out it was more money then I wanted to spend. It wasn't worth it. I used to think that LPU was very affordable and we got cool things in the packages. No other fan club I saw seemed like as much of a deal. I know of a fan club that gave a t-shirt and a limited edition Live CD to their members. And to be a member it was 50 or 60 bucks. That was definitely not worth it to me! But with LPU, the benefits were great. I would love to join again but only if the price is lowered. 


I was a member for LPU6, LPU7, LPU8, and LPU9. I liked the t-shirt for LPU8 the most. Another thing I liked about LPU8 was the "Mmmm.....Cookies" CD. It was really creative and fun. I also liked the CD that came with LPU9 because it had demos. I think demos are always fun because you get an inside look to the making of the final song. Plus, they are sometimes really different than the final song. Live CD's are cool but to me if you hear a song live once then it is basically the same every time. I mean, why have 5 different live versions of "In The End" on my iPod when they are pretty much the same? Although I will say, it is different when you are seeing the band live or seeing live videos. There is always a different visual. I'm sure a lot of people would argue me on that but I don't like too many live verisons of songs. Anyway, I also liked the messageboard and chats with the band. And  I think the opportunity to meet & greets and presale tickets is a plus. I don't know if you guys still do this but at one point I think that you guys changed the meet & greets to only a few people and not all 6 members of the band were there. I think that is stupid. I never got to go to a meet & greet but if I did I would want to meet the whole band. And I think more people should get the chance to meet the band. I mean yeah with less people it is more personal but just meeting you and getting your autograph is enough for me.


One thing I loved about LPUX though was the Summits. Of course as I said I'm not in LPU now and even if I was I wouldn't have gotten to go a Summit because none of where close enough to me, but I think it is a great idea. One thing I always loved about you guys was that you cared about your fans and had meet & greets and were always giving back to them. With this it was even better. Not only did the fans get to meet you but they got to hangout with you and see your instruments, etc! That's so awesome! I don't know if any other band has done something like that but I think it is great! So you should keep those. I can see if you're gonna have those why the price of LPU would be higher though.


Over all I think LPU was fine the way it was, before LPUX. I felt like with LPUX you got less and paid more. I know you guys did add somethings to give to people who were members of LPUX and I think that was great. I was thinking about joining LPUX after that. And I still might. But I wouldn't have if you didn't do that. I mean really, before LPUX, you were probably giving away more than you needed too. It was a real steal in my opinion. So if we could make a compromise between LPUX and the one before that would be great.

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