Well where should i start..


LPU is something for me that its hard to discribe because of all the features and all the things you can enjoy that others can't!

I've met a lot of fantastic and nice people here, we become friends immediatly and its always a blast to talk to them here or in the LPU chatroom! We've spent a lot of time laughing very hard in front of our webcams!

Also the people are there for you and help you in any situation!!


When i joined LPU in June 2010 (very late i know - just because of my parents who did not allowed to use their credit card .. otherwise i would be in the LPU since LPU2!) with LPU9! And i remember it like it was yesterday, i joined, filled out my profile and seconds later i got a message from a LPU member " hey how are you nice to have you in the LPU" and i was very impressed by that! Just hours later i felt like i was in the LPU since the beginning in November 2001 (my personal dream = LPU member since Nov. 2001 lol)

We talked a lot and i really enjoyed all the privileges like the LPUTV and the exclusive downloads! It was soo awesome to be in the LPU during the A thousand Sun release when everybody got crazy about mikes puzzles and we discussed a lot in the chat about that! The probably best thing was around October 23th .. I just came home from the NY trip with my girlfriend and i had a mail that i was accepted for the Meet and greet in Dortmund, Germany on october 26th! This was the best day ever for me so far in the LPU! I meet a lot of awesome people there and we had a lot of fun before the meet and greet while we waited for Cory to guide us to the band! I met also "Crusher" from Germany too, we talked alot before the concert here in the LPU chat! He was so funny and i think that what LPU is about - meeting new people and talk about our passion - Linkin Park! It was soo awesome to meet the band members and having a little chat with Mike!


I was so excited also for the Summit in Hamburg, but that day i broke my ankle ... freshly cleaned stairs at the train station .. that was a shock for me and i was nearly going to cry because of that .. i had to go to the hospital for a couple hours and missed the summit ..

BUT! a few days later, i received a large envelope from a girl named Caitlin from the netherlands - we used to talk a lot in the LPU chat before - and she sended me her signed concert ticket (she got her own stuff signed + talked to mike and told him about my accident and mike let it signed for me by the band) HOW AWESOME IS THAT?


LPU = best place to meet the greatest people in the world + having such awesome privileges for Linkin Park!


I hope the LPU will exist forever! i joined in 2010 and i will join every year when the new LPU comes out!


My favourite CD by the way would be the Hybrid Theory EP reissue that was given to the fans in the first year of the LPU! High voltage is one of my favourite songs, same as And one! but i really really like the demos from LPU9 and LPUX too!


LPU = Forever



LinkinParkForever275 aka Alex

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