I have been a member of LPU for only the last year. I actually became a big fan of LP just last summer.  It happened when I saw ‘Road to Revolution’ on TV. My daughter and grandson have been fans of LP for years and I called them in to see ‘their’ band. I couldn’t help watching and I was in awe at the quality of the music. I’d heard Chester when he sang ‘System’ on the Queen of the Damned CD and I thought then that he had an exceptional voice. I didn’t know he was this good, though. I watched this concert through just for that voice. As I listened, I began to see the excellence of the whole band. 

My grandson asked if he could join the LP fan club. I found the website and signed up for the annual Underground, as a family thing. It was fun to enjoy the band together. (We also have a 4 year old that knows the words to many LP songs. He likes One Step Closer so he can yell shut up at everybody.) 

It has been a fabulous year. I bought tickets through LPU to the San Diego and Los Angeles shows. My grandson was elated when he was picked for a Meet & Greet at the San Diego show. He has the ‘Rabies’ LPU T-shirt with the band’s autographs. The Staples Center seats were the best seats I’ve ever had at a concert.  I felt like I was sitting on stage with them. I could see into their faces and into their eyes.  And what a fantastic thing to be given a download of the concert you just went to.

Other things we've done as members of LPU: we sat in on three chats with the band; I'm enjoying the LPTV shows and just found the archive of past episodes; I buy a lot of the concert downloads; and I like buying T-shirts and other stuff from the LPU store (and the regular store). I like the website and the personal messages from the guys; all of these special things make them feel very close, very personal - like regular people you might meet anywhere. I feel valued as a fan.

I love the annual CDs most of all. I thought the one released this year was very polished. I wonder why these songs never made it to a regular album. 

It’s been a great year for LP fans with lots of concerts and a new CD of exceptional quality.  I feel fortunate that I found them just in time to enjoy a very active year with them.

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