I will always remember my first time joining lpu. I might not remember everything that happened, but as much as I can. I first joined in lpu6 I first found out by this underground website in my new album of Meteora. I never did have the cd and a school mentor bought it for me. She knew how much I cared for the band and how I loved listening to them and learning new things. I was always curious what this card in my cd case was, it wasn’t till later I finally looked it up, I wanted to know what this was about, I wanted to join. What I found out that it was around their year of 5.0 of LPU and I found out about the new one was coming. I also found out about the package I would have to buy to get the code, and it would be sold at BestBuy. After that I stayed alert, I would check the newspaper till it finally showed. I cut out the clipping in the newspaper and took it around every, I marked the date and time I would get it... the day it came out.

My favorite moment was riding in the back seat of my dad's car on the way to BestBuy. When finally getting there, it was my first time ever in the store, it took awhile but I finally found it. I bond with the store after finding my package and seeing all the other Linkin Park stuff. I was in the store for awhile, picking out the right size... I was not expecting it to come with a shirt.. or anything else. I went up to checkout to pay for my package, I just wanted to open it by now! I couldn’t wait any longer. Buying it, it came up to almost 30 dollars. That was my first time at that moment that I have ever spent that much on something of LP and it felt good!

On the way home I couldn’t wait! Like in line checking out, even then I wouldn’t stop looking at the box, it was almost mine. I couldn’t stop smiling the package was now mine. One of the things that amazed me was how they could fit a shirt in this box like that, I go to open it from the side and pull out the shirt and other things fell out. Taking out the shirt from the plastic and holding it up and remember looking at it as a whole and saying this was awesome! Big thanks to my dad.

I remember getting my first lp shirt and this was now my second at that time. Along with a note and stickers that happen to fall out, but I was also specials that I had gotten a lpunderground wristband? Seriously thinking, is this going to happen when I join lpu? get more awesome stuff for becoming a member and to top it off, I got a lpu cd! After that day I wore that wristband everywhere! When I got home the first thing I did was get online and find this website to put in my code!

When I first went onto the website, I got to see the new lpu6 and watch the video, I will always remember the tiny little six's. I picked a good time for joining the site, being that my favorite color is green. It took me awhile to find where to enter in the code, and it took me awhile to pick a username. At one point I thought that lp40c sound cool so I went with it. This was my first time being apart of something big like this and band related, first time being apart of a membership site. For only one subject... Linkin Park and that meant a lot to me, and still does.

The LPU6 cd was my first and finally getting a live track of Qwerty. My favorite song that I would put on repeat was Pushing me Away live, lpu opened my eyes and for that I knew that I wouldn’t want to leave something so great... and I been here ever since.

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Comment by An Van Oppens on July 26, 2011 at 6:27am
Great Meme!
Comment by Salt Khanom on July 25, 2011 at 2:24pm

Wow. That is such a cool story! It's lucky that your mentor gave you the cd, eh? Was just reading your story and in a way, it's really quite inspirational, you know?? It makes me remember the first time I was introduced to Linkin Park....


I never used to listen to music much when I was younger, I didn't really know what it was. I was more into reading books and drawing pictures. One day, I think it was about six - seven years ago, my Cousin took me upstairs and let me look at his MASSIVE cd collection. I was astounded, I mean, who owns that many cds??!! He put some random cds on, as tasters, you know? Bit of Jimi Hendrix, Sepultura, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dido, trying to find something I'd like. When he put on Linkin Park - Meteora. I liked Red Hot Chili Peppers, but this was amazing! I never heard anything like it, if I'm honest, it was brilliant!


He saw that I was really enjoying it, so he lent me the cd, which I put on our ancient Computer. It was the first album I ever put on there. I particularly loved Numb with Jay Z. Anyway, to cut a long story short, coz I can talk my head off for hours, or type in this case, after that moment, I've been listening to Linkin Park for years and still am.I don't have a favourite album, I love them all! It really opened my eyes though, coz I listen to loads of different music but mainly Linkin Park. They have made my drawing more spectacular too! Oooh, but I never knew about the Underground thing. See, we never had the internet till recently, and even then weren't allowed on it. But now we are, and seeing this Site, I was astounded! I'm gonna Join the Annual Membership asap, regardless of what anyone says. Coz in my opinion, it's soooooo worth it!


God, that's a lot of writing! I put it on though, coz I really enjoyed reading yours. Hopefully didn't get on your nerves but hey, fee fi fo fum!


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